Lush York VIP Bloggers Night!

Hello Lushies, I do hope you are all well! I feel lots of exciting things have been happening in the Lush community recently, with new products hitting main line and new campaigns in full swing, but also what I can’t help but notice is how many local Lush stores have been closed for a refit. If you are like me, and follow multiple Lush pages across social media, you will have noticed too that store after store has been shutting up shop and staying quiet for a couple of weeks, which brings me onto todays post…

Today I am going to be telling you all about the awesome bloggers event I was invited to Thursday night that was hosted by Lush York (my local Lush) to celebrate the re-opening of their newly refurbished store. (After a 3 week closure!)


As a hard core Lushie myself this closure has been both positive and negative. It has meant that for three weeks, I have had no reason to head into town and spend all my wages, (positive, definitely) but on the other hand, it has left me waiting eagerly, firstly to see what on earth Lush have been doing to be closed for so long, and secondly, impatiently wanting to pick up the wonderful new products I have seen plastered all over Instagram that have (for the majority) been available to buy in other stores for the past few weeks.

*Disclaimer – this post is super long but I have put it into sections and different headings so feel free to just read the parts relevant to you.*

Process: bloggers events, being invited & purpose of event


So onto the main event (literally)…Lush often do these blogger nights/parties where bloggers and vloggers are invited to have a sneak preview of whatever Lush are wanting to focus on. For example Lush Leeds Spa had an event showcasing their spa treatments, Exeter showcased their naked products, and Lush Lakeside held a bloggers night before the launch of the mothers day products. This is in the hope that bloggers attending will spread the message wider and promote it to others.

See, Lush as an organisation do not pay for any advertisement other than their website – this is why you will never receive a Lush Cosmetic flier, experience internet pop-ups, or see them on the TV, or radio. They solely rely on word of mouth and their customer base raving about products in reviews and blog posts – a bit like this one. As a thank you to those that do this regularly, Lush reward them in certain ways, being invited to exclusive events, being pampered by staff, and even receiving free Lush products!

This particular event was a two hour session focused on the refit of Lush York itself, but also showcased the exclusive new products that would be hitting the shops for the first time this week. Of course, as I have only really been blogging myself for the past 6/7 months, this was my first ever bloggers event which was very exciting, knowing it was not only for Lush my favourite organisation, but for my local branch.

The process itself was super quick and friendly, Lush advertised the night on their Instagram page, which is how I found out about it, I gave them a quick email explaining that i have a lush dedicated blog and Instagram profile with links to both pages, and Jasmine, trainee manager at York emailed me back within a couple of days offering me a VIP invite to the event. It really was that simple. Of course Jasmine gave me a starting time (6:30pm) but other than that the event was to be a total mystery and surprise to me which filled me both with excitement and nerves…

When I arrived I saw people standing outside chatting, it was the other bloggers! To my delight there was no awkwardness at all, and all the nerves quickly left my body. I joined the group and started talking straight away – people had travelled from all over, and I was surprised to hear that actually most bloggers were not Lush enthusiasts, rather their pages were open to beauty in general, and life style posts. This made me feel a number of ways 1) I am a Lush obsessed freak right now, people are asking questions about products and the store that I already know 2) that I was in my absolute element! 3) comfort in the fact I knew unlike some of the other bloggers there, after the event I would be in my pjs and in bed very soon without the hassle of any travel! (Always a bonus in my eyes)


Refit information and thoughts…

Once a small crowd of I reckon 15-20 bloggers had formed outside of the store, Lush perfectly on time opened their door and greeted us with big smiles, lovely drinks, and vegetarian cakes! Immediately I was taken back by how unrecognisable the store was in comparison to the way it had looked just weeks before. The layout made the shop look so much bigger both in depth and width, there were contrasting lights starting dark with black flooring to the bright lights at the rear with white tiling across the walls and beige wood under the foot. It was brilliant to say the least!


Now, for those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of visiting, Lush York is fairly small in comparison to some of the Lush stores I have visited across the country – and although I absolutely loved the store as it was, it did always feel a little cramped even when it wasn’t so busy, so I’m sure you can imagine, Lush at Christmas time being a little claustrophobic in York, but gone are those days, because the layout has completely changed!

To help you visualise…before the refit everything was very straight and parallel, the soaps and facemask table being the centre piece, with product displays and their co-ordinating storage cabinets sticking out underneath. In comparison Lush have now used up corner space, made displays higher, and have managed to bring most things to a side, making for a surprisingly large amount of floor space and room to move around the different areas of Lush showcased, and importantly (for me being afraid of large crowds) allowing for a much easier task of manoeuvring around the many customers you would ordinarily have to battle with in order to get your hands on the product you came in for. In another blog post about a different Lush store a girl had mentioned that the new layout almost made it clear that there was a start and end, making it easy for customers to walk around the shop and make a visit to each individual display rather than being overwhelmed by the products taking over every area of the store. This is a comment that describes the new refit at York perfectly.

Whilst I was browsing, one of the lovely sales assistants Shola explained that with the refit came the anticipation of customers asking where everything was for weeks.

Currently (another visual to speed up your search) as you walk in the gifts, bubble bars, soaps, shower gels, jellies, Gorilla perfumes and hair care are all to the right (and in that order) to the left you will find knot wraps, toothy tabs and lip care, skin care and to the back, you find what I like to call the miscellaneous – so massage bars, body conditioners, scrubs, shaving creams, and deodorants!


The closest to a centre piece is now the bath bomb display. Quite fitting considering this is the area Lush are primarily known for. However, I am not yet convinced as to whether this is a good or bad move.


Of course it makes sense for them to be in a position that is eye catching to customers as Lush’ co-founder Mo Constantine actually invented the bath bomb, but you have to consider…just a few weeks back the bath bombs were positioned by the door, meaning they were likely to catch the eye of passers by that maybe hadn’t intended on coming in – it also meant that the classic Lush aroma was being pumped out onto the streets of York quickly. Now it is the gifts that have taken their place near the door, and i don’t really know why – but my guess would be to create the most space possible, as the bath bomb cabinets have now being put away making more room for people to get into the shop.

This change is perhaps most telling that in design Lush have tried their very hardest to be accessible to all, despite not being able to have a ramp installed outside of the shop so regardless of whether this draws more or less customers in, i can only commend them for it.

A demonstration table has also been implemented near the back of the store, this to me is perfectly positioned for those in need of a hiding place when shopping becomes a little too much, but also perfect for staff to give customers the best consultation possible particularly over skin care products which it has cleverly being placed next too.


For me, it was this small but thought through implementation, the new perfume display and the fact bubble bars and bath bombs had been separated that i loved the most about the refit, and i’ll tell you why…Having a table put away neatly in the corner at the back means staff are able to freely sit down with customers and give them the time needed to receive the best consultation possible, it also means that customers feel able to sit and take a breather whereas before, this was not the case. Lush had seats of course, but they had just been thrown under the facemask table that as I mentioned, had previously been in the middle of the shop floor, meaning on a busy day, people would be fighting to get past, making for a not so relaxing experience at all.


The perfume display was amazing, just beautiful. This layout had been showcased at the Lush Summit earlier in the year and I was lucky enough to see it then, but actually forgot that they were trying to implement them across Lush stores until I saw it on Thursday. Now, before, the perfumes at Lush York had been near the gifts and on a table alone – often unmanned. I actually passed by them so many times and never bought one, or even thought to stop and look despite me knowing how great and unique they were. The display just did nothing for me, but when I attended this event, it was actually one of the very first things I noticed in the store – a real improvement I would say as it has been put to the side and not rear of the shop. Something I reckon will really have an impact on customers accessing and discovering the wonderful array of gorilla perfumes!


Finally, the distinction between bubble bars and bath bombs. Ok, so i perhaps did not photograph these displays very well but to explain – as you now walk into Lush York all the bubble bars are scattered across the wall on the right, it is the second display from the door after gifts, whereas the bath bombs are just off centre on their own table in wooden boxes. Now, can I just take a moment to explain how much easier this will make shopping at Lush, particularly for new customers. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is seeing someone post on Instagram a video of them dropping a bubble bar into an already full tub of water expecting it to fizz as a bath bomb would, then complaining that it was a waste of money and sending abuse to Lush WeCare (UK online support team/customer service) because seriously, guys, they are not the same thing! I can completely understand the confusion because they are both colourful, have great designs are naked in terms of packaging, smell wonderful and are often sat together on display, but they couldn’t be more different in terms of performance. A bath bomb will fizz and explode glorious colours almost immediately as they hit the water, bubble bars take a little more effort. I personally crumble them into a sieve or tea strainer before shaking it under a hot tap for it to deliver bubbles, or i will break a piece off sprinkle a little on the tub floor and blast the shower head over it – whatever way works for you, I, and every other Lushie, promise, the bubble bars will not perform well if you treat them as bath bombs – so the separation of the two will hopefully mean that staff can very easily direct customers to the right place, and avoid any potential confusion and disappointment.

Good thinking York!

Products showcased…


Now, onto the fun part…the new products hitting shops!


Throughout the night, as we were free to roam around the shop, taking photos, talking to other bloggers, and trying out products, certain staff members would call us over to watch a demonstration of a new exclusive product. (every 10-15 minutes or so) This was a time dedicated to that product alone, where we learnt about the inspiration behind a few, the benefits of particular ingredients, what products they were similar to in terms of scent and generally how they look, perform, and are to be used. With each demonstration a staff member stood at the front and demoed it in a bowl (if it had been a bath product) or directly on another blogger (if it was skin care) whilst the rest of us stood around the focal point, were given the product at each end to pass around feel, smell, and have a closer look. It was all very interactive and personal!

So here is what I learnt and what you can expect from each new product showcased. Granted if you are a Lushie, you will have probably seen these products in stores already but hopefully the information I give will help you, and new customers, decide what to buy the next time!

Scrubee Body Butter

“If you are lazy this is the product for you.” (Shola – Sales Assistant)


So first up, is ‘Scrubee’ something Shola described as the perfect product for the lazier type of bather. This is because as a body butter with a twist, it works to intensely moisturise and hydrate the skin, whilst also exfoliating the body and removing any dry dead skin cells you may have inevitably gathered up over time, reducing the pain of having to moisturise after dipping in a long bath or having a quick shower. Saving time, and money as the product promises to buff and polish the skin at the same time.

Background – Scrubee was actually launched this year at the Lush Summit and was brought into shops as part of the glorious Easter collection a couple of months ago before being discontinued with the rest of the collection. However after going down a storm with pretty much…the whole Lush community, myself included, Lush have decided to bring this product back to the shop floor. YAY!

It is going to be £6.95, but boy is it worth that pretty hefty price tag, as it looks like a cute little buzzy bee, and lasts ages! (providing you don’t leave it in the sun – because although it looks like butter won’t melt, it really does, trust me with this one!)


Filled with richly moisturising fair trade shea butter, which is easily absorbed (as it contains Oleic Acid – a saturated fatty acid highly compatible with the sebum naturally produced by our skin) – this product is bound to nourish the skin, and as a carrier ingredient will also help the skins absorption of the other active ingredients present. Such as Honey, a humectant – great for attracting moisture from the air and retaining it, Bergamot oil, that works to clear the mind and encourage a sense of wellbeing with its elevating citrus aroma, and Coconut oil which is supposed to give a natural balance to the skin and reduce symptoms of eczema. I find that the real treat of this product however comes from the mix of ground almond and coconut shells which work to gently exfoliate the skin in a much softer way than a body or sugar scrub would, making it perfect for those with sensitive tendencies.

Sharing its scent with the Honey I Washed the Kids range at Lush, this product has a lovely sweet honey, and nutty aroma with a gentle citrus tinge, and I can truly say it works a dream especially if you sprinkle it with warm water before use, as this will speed up the melting process of the butters, making it just right to glide and smooth over the body.


Sales Assistant Shola, demonstrated this product and made sure to link it with the pre-wrapped ‘Honey’ gift set available from all Lush stores for £24.95. As of this year, this gift will contain a 120g bar of Honey I Washed the Kids soap, Honey Sugar lip scrub, a 100g bottle of It’s Raining Men shower gel, and the Honey I Washed My Hair solid shampoo bar all of which share the same, or very similar scent to what Scrubee presents.

Sleepy Body Lotion

“It’s my absolute favourite thing in the world.” (Emma – Visual Merchandiser)


Moving on from Scrubee, we were shown ‘Sleepy’. This is a body lotion that was released for the first time last year as a Christmas exclusive. Sharing its glorious scent with Twilight, this sweet lavender vanilla concoction definitely became a firm favourite of mine after first use. So when I heard the rumors that it would be returning to stores, acting as a staple product, I was filled with joy and excitement as it meant I could happily use up the pot I had been storing in my bathroom for months as a provision in case it never made its rightful return! (It’s a Lushie thing…)

So, on the night, it was Visual Merchandiser, Emma that demonstrated the product – she explained that the Twilight scent was her absolute favourite thing in the world, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that didn’t resonate with many of you Lushies reading.

Twilight is a much loved scent family at Lush, of course there is the Twilight bath bomb on the regular line, Mr Sandman Dusting Powder (that made an appearance last year) Twilight Shower Gel + Twilight Body Spray (both Oxford Street exclusives) and of course now Sleepy that falls under this category.

In terms of ingredients, this lotion reaps wonderful benefits. Starting with its Oatmeal infusion base which is soothing, gentle and has anti-inflammatory properties. Almond oil that has a conditioning effect on the skin, and is moisturising, packed with vitamin E, and regarded as having special healing powers and protecting soothing properties. Followed by a number of butters and essential oils (Cocoa, Shea, Jojoba oil, and Tonka) that hydrate, restore and nourish the skin.


Of course for anyone that has smelt and used the product before, you will know Lavender is also a key component of Sleepy. Incorporating lavender water, flower infusion and oil, this lotion is balancing and calming – ideal for irritated and sensitive skin, and as the title suggests, it is also great at aiding restful sleep. Known widely for its soothing effect on the mind, it is lavender, in its many variations, that makes this lotion perfect to use before bed.

I personally love this lotion, and bought two big pots of it when it was in stores over Christmas so I will definitely be making a repeat purchase the next time I pop into York – as it is softening, gentle, calming, has a wonderful scent that lingers on the skin and if that wasn’t enough, the lotion itself is lilac colour with a lovely sprinkling of lustre on the surface to finish. It’s a real treat, and could be just the remedy you are looking for to catch up on some sleep!


Now, for anyone interested in the products I mentioned just before, that fall under the twilight scent family please be sure to check out Lush’ ‘Relax’ gift set. This is one that was highlighted by Emma in her demonstration that for £19.95 contains A French Kiss bubble bar, Twilight Shower Gel, Butterball Bath Bomb and Ceridwen’s Cauldron Bath Melt – products that come together to create the perfect combination for those in search of a relaxing bathe.  (To be followed up by Sleepy body lotion of course!)

Metamorphosis Bath Bomb

“Lush wanted to create something different.” (Claire – Manager)


Ah, doesn’t this one just sound brilliant already. ‘Metamorphosis’ what a lovely name. Meaning of course, ‘a big change.’

This is a term used predominantly in science to explain the biological process animals go through after birth – for example an egg, to lava, pupa, adult to butterfly!

The idea behind this bath bomb came from a guy called Hall. He met with some of the Lush team and told them that his connection to the song ‘Dawn of the Great Eastern Sun,’ had given him great comfort in light of the passing of his grandfather.

Odd way in i know but stick with it.

The song opens on a bird song, then progresses into softly delayed guitar, which gives the feeling of warmth, movement, progress and change. A Metamorphosis. So Gorilla Perfumers Mark and Simon Constantine thought they could do something with this. They believed they could visually represent the movement, and warmth through the changing of colour within a bath bomb and the changeover of fragrance between the outer and inner layers. So this is exactly what they did.

Metamorphosis, at first glance is grey, with a generous sprinkling of lustre and markings on top that look almost like tyre tracks. Very different to what Lush have ever put out before. Immediately, you would think that once the bomb hits the water, that you would be bathing in something similar to black ink. However, as Lush are just brilliant, this is not the case – cleverly as the bath bomb evolves in the water, it spirts out  an array of lovely multicolour shades, yellow, pink, green and orange. The Butterfly, as supposed to the Egg in this case.


For £4.25, the ballistic incorporates Black Pepper Oil, a warming, stimulating oil with a distinctive aroma – sharp, and spicy. Cinnamon Leaf Oil, which again has that warming effect on the body a woody, spicy scent and stimulating qualities used to fight fatigue and mood. Finally Myrrh Resinoid – a fantastic antiseptic, astringent and oil with soothing qualities – such as being anti-inflammatory and a wonderful aid to promoting the speedy recovery of wounds.

As I hope you can see, this bath bomb is highly beneficial, and smells to me half like the incredibly popular – Lord of Misrule, and half like the New solid shampoo bar, or 93,000 miles shower jelly. Very spicy, and earthy.

Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb

“You can smell the coriander it’s an odd ingredient.” (Jasmine – Trainee Manager)


Next we were shown something completely brand new. Yellow Submarine.

Now, as I will annoyingly keep mentioning throughout this post, i did attend the Lush Summit this year, and it was there that i was fortunate enough to meet and talk to the inventor of this product! She was so intriguing. Standing in the exclusives room, we spoke to me about the inventors team, (which is made up of only 8 people!) what it was like being a part of Lush right from the start when it was just them and Mark, and of course, explaining the idea and creative process behind Yellow Submarine.

So, she told me that the idea of Yellow Submarine had been brought to the attention of the team two years ago! She explained that she had wanted the bath bomb to glide across the water, and kind of symbolise a boat crossing the water into the sunset, that classic movie ending scene – but every time she had reformulated it, it still just would not co-operate. This happened to the point where she was going to give up on the idea, and she actually did for about a year, until something finally clicked. Endless baths, colour and scent testing were endured until finally she felt it had been perfected and finally, in fabulous timing for the 50th year anniversary of the Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – this bath bomb has been released and is available to buy in stores!


Of course, i have mentioned the Beatles because of their incredibly catchy, number one hit ‘Yellow Submarine.’ This was released in 1966, and has gone on to be almost iconic…particularly in Liverpool – where this bath bomb has now being exclusively included to the ‘Hard Days Night’ Spa Treatment.

In terms of ingredients the bath bomb is fairly simple. Starting with Brazilian Orange Oil – an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, and importantly – captures a very refreshing and rejuvenated scent that has been obtained from the peels of an orange. Lemongrass Oil, that has deodorising properties and used in aromatherapy for its reported uplifting and anti-depressant qualities, and lastly, Coriander Seed Oil – which really livens the senses, stimulates the skin and has a sweet, but woody spicy aroma.


For just £3.95 this bath bomb fizzes slowly and quietly, is incredibly foamy – making the bath water incredibly soft and moisturising an floats on the surface before turning a lovely light orange shade created by the mix of yellow and pink. It smells very unique, fairly tropical with a coconutty tinge, and weirdly, to me just smells healthy – if that even makes sense. It’s kind of like Lush bottled and solidified one of those really scrummy smoothies you would find from Wagamamas or Filmore and Union that incorporates fruit and vegetables, and just makes you feel completely rejuvenated. I’m definitely a fan!

Ro’s Argan Gourmet Soap

“It’s kind of squidgy” (Ellie-Rose – Sales Assistant)


Fans of Rose Jam, can I get a ‘hell yes!’ because Ro’s Argan Gourmet Soap has just hit stores and it will have you falling head over heals…

For those reading this feeling a little confused already – Rose Jam is one of Lush’ beloved scent families that Lushies really do go mad for – and this soap happens to fall perfectly under it. Guilty of almost ‘fangirling’ over the scent myself, I must admit, I am very pleased that Ro’s Argan Soap has made its way into local stores, as before, it had always been branded an ‘Oxford Street exclusive.’ As have all Gourmet soaps. But what is it? and what makes this particular one so special?

Well, for starters – the product gets its name from its inventor, Lush’ very own Rowena Bird (co-founder) who created what has gone on to be one of the most recognisable Lush scents. (for Lushies at least)

Packed full of Argan oil – used traditionally as a treatment for skin conditions including acne, this soap is generous in its delivery of antioxidants. It is perfect if you, like me, are often in need of a mind cleanse as the soap incorporates plenty of Lemon oil, an essential oil extracted from the skin of a lemon which will refresh the skin, with antibacterial properties, and brighten its appearance as it contains enzymes that break down dirt, and excess oil!

Of course being under the umbrella term Rose Jam, you would perhaps expect this soap to have elements of rose in its aroma, and yes, it does, in fact it packs a pretty heft rose punch as Rose oil, Absolute and Dried petals are used to create this soap.

In its many forms, Rose is used here for the soothing and balancing properties it exerts as well as for its delicate fragrance which is often used by aromatherapies to lift the mood.

Finally Egyptian Geranium oil is used for its toning and balancing effect on the skin. This oil is a natural antiseptic and astringent – with the ability of evening out the skins colour and oiliness by constricting the tissues to balance sebum production and circulation. Cleverly – the constituents of this particular oil are geraniol, linalool, and citronellal all of which are also found in Rose oil making them the perfect partners in crime!

Now, for those wondering what the difference is between an ordinary and gourmet soap – in simple terms, gourmet soaps tend to incorporate more essential oils and butters than your ordinary bar. For example, Ro’s Argan is made from a pure argan oil soap base obtained from a fruit indigenous to Morocco and hand processed by the village co-operatives in Arganeraie. The consistency and feel to a gourmet soap often tends to be a little different as well, for example, this particular bar feels squidgy, and very soft. From experience it performs most like ‘Respect Your Elders’ once wet, as it alike, has that almost slimy feel to it and zero scrubbiness. I thought it was important to also mention – the soap will lather but not very much at all. This is because it is a non-foaming soap dedicated to moisturising the skin.


If you have never tried a gourmet soap from Lush, or even an ordinary bar of soap, I urge you next time you pop in, to at least walk by and smell the thing! You can’t miss it, as it looks like a big round cake on its own shelf alongside Olive Tree! (Which I will be speaking about next)

As I was able to nab a big chunk of this soap at the Lush Summit in February, i can honestly tell you that unlike many other soaps, this particular one leaves my skin feeling soft, clean, and surprisingly not dry or tight but rather hydrated! It also keeps my hands smelling pleasantly perfumed for hours which is always a bonus I think, because a lot of the time I use soaps I can only smell its fragrance on me when I am physically using the bar, whereas this one lingers. Oh and if you like the scent of this soap (you will, trust me!) there are plenty of regular line products that exhibit the exact same aroma including a bath bomb (Rose Bombshell) body conditioner (Ro’s Argan) and a solid shampoo bar. (Jason and the Argan Oil) So follow your nose to check them out whilst you are shopping – or ask a member of staff, they will know exactly where to direct you!

Olive Tree Gourmet Soap

“It’s similar to the Grass scent and is the only product like it” (Ellie-Rose –  Sales Assistant)

Now onto another gourmet soap – Lush you are just spoiling us now!

So this soap is called ‘Olive Tree’ and was actually the first ever product I bought from the kitchen back in 2015, because prior to it recently being released into stores, this soap alike Ro’s Argan has been an Oxford Street exclusive.

So what makes THIS soap so gourmet? I hear you ask…

Well, with Olive oil – thought to be one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world, Green Olives rich in vitamins that nourish the skins outer layer, (and will help to combat sunburn, inflammation and dry skin) , and extra virgin coconut oil, again rich in vitamins + minerals to help sooth dry skin, whilst adding a tropical hint in terms of its fragrance – this soap is bound to create a gel-like lather, leaving skin feeling cleansed and softened.

What is intriguing about this product for me though is the bespoke fine fragrance of petitgrain, rose, and cypress oils that Lush have blended that leave the skin feeling refreshed and balanced, and the mind uplifted.

Because aside from Cypress oil being a natural antiseptic, with antibacterial and stimulating properties – Aromatherapists also believe it can be calming during times of emotional stress, and is said to stimulate feelings of joy and happiness. Whilst Petitgrain Oil, is used to reduce anxiety and to alleviate the feelings of mental fatigue. Brilliant!

Unfortunately this is the only product I didn’t bring home with me. For no reason in particular, I think it must have just missed my attention towards the end of the night so please excuse the lack of pictures – but it is a lovely bright green bar of soap, that is super soft and squidgy, and completely perfect for any of you Lushies out there looking for more earthy scented products!

Other new products to expect this month

Although the products I have just mentioned were extremely exciting to learn about – I was surprised that within the mix Think Pink and the new Fathers Day range had not been mentioned. So, mainly for the benefit of those new to Lush that don’t know about Think Pink or seasonal products, and in fact hard core Lushies wondering why I haven’t mentioned these new items, here is just a brief summary of what to expect;

  • Think Pink – has been redesigned this year for the first time. This is a classic Lush bath bomb that has been in stores from the start. Inspired by Funny Face a 1957 American musical, rom-com film starring Audrey Hepburn, Lush wanted to banish the black, burn the blue and bury the beige with this ballistic – even more so this year apparently as the bath bomb has returned to stores bigger, pinker, and with a whole load more glitter and sparkle!


  • Fathers Day Range – for just the second year running, Lush have brought out their wonderfully small but lovely fathers day range recently here in the UK. This includes the returning – Superdad bath bomb, Modfather bubble bar, Dirty styling cream and a range of products under the Smugglers Soul title (a much loved scent at Lush) including a multipurpose cream, face cleanser and solid shampoo bar that top tip – is a two in one shampoo/conditioner a perfect match for dads on the go and in need of a quick clean up! This year we also say hi to a new fathers day product – Stairway to Heaven soap which with an almost fruity and gentle floral aroma is ‘bound to get your dads motor running whether it’s air guitar riffs, power ballad blasting or harmonic orchestra humming that rocks his world.’

A big thank you and how to keep up with Lush York…

Hopefully as you have been reading you have gotten the sense of what was a really fantastic night hosted by Lush York. I definitely had a brilliant time meeting new bloggers, making connections with them and even potential friends, but I also just loved spending my night with the staff that had worked their butts off to get the store in tip top condition before 6:30 despite all odds. Truly, I can say Lush York looks fabulous, the wait was definitely worth it and learning more about and seeing the products in action again was extremely exciting for me as a Lush fan – so I do hope this post, and the attached pictures encourage a few of you to pop in to your local and pick up a few goodies for yourselves.


Thank you to the whole Lush York team for opening up this experience to bloggers, allowing us to see the new store before other staff members and giving up your Thursday night to spend time catering for us all. Not to mention a huge thank you for the massive goodie bag each blogger was given that had individual products in. I received a Metamorphosis Bath Bomb, Scrubee Body Butter, Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb, a tub of Sleepy Body Lotion and (randomly) a tube of Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Mouthwash Tabs!

Thank you all for reading, and once again thank you Lush York. To keep up with the new store follow them here and keep your eyes peeled for campaign and product information, news, job opportunities and coming events that YOU can be involved in;




Happy Lushing!


What’s the deal with Animal Testing?

Good evening Lushies, friends and family. If you are in the UK, I thoroughly hope you have been enjoying yet another great Bank Holiday Monday. Today, as you may have guessed from the blog title – I am coming at you with a slightly different post to normal. Yes, today I will be talking about the stance on Animal Testing in the Cosmetic Industry. Hopefully it will help some of you understand a why Lush’ constant fight against animal cruelty is still valuable today and shed some light on what has progressed in the testing of cosmetics, what is still a big issue that needs to be overcome, and why Lush is so different to other brands.

Now, this is something I have actually wanted to speak about for quite some time and for many reasons. So why now? Well, this post stems from being asked a wonderful question on one of the Lush Facebook groups I am a member of. “Does Lush’s cruelty free status encourage you to by their products? Cosmetic testing on animals has been banned in the UK since 1998 but does their cruelty free branding still draw in customers? Do you think the fact they still advertise “against animal testing” means some people maybe mislead into believing cosmetic testing on animals still occurs in the UK?”

 Ok, so maybe it was more than one question but the post definitely made me think, so much so that I felt I had to write down all that I knew about animal testing to make any kind of valid conclusion. Once I did, I realised I had written 3 to 4 pages of information, that I felt really needed to be shared firstly within the Lush community to remind us why Lush really is so important, if it was ever in doubt, but also with those that have little knowledge on what the laws actually are against animal testing, what happens to the animals subject to trials, and how companies like Lush Cosmetics can help.

 (Please be aware throughout this post there will be video links to click on published by Lush that will help you understand the writing more, alongside images of the effects of animal testing. I find it very challenging to look at these, in fact I felt physically sick, but we cannot close our eyes, and turn our backs on these animals in pain. I hope you understand!)

So here goes…

I believe people definitely are still interested and drawn in to buying Lush products based on their Cruelty Free beliefs and campaigning – not everyone because a lot of people are young and obviously have no clue about the scale of this issue, but I think quite a lot of the customer base at least acknowledge it, and buy from Lush for that exact reason. I personally, still think they are a special company despite animal testing now being banned in the UK and EU.

This is because, yes there was a ban that was implemented back in 1998 that stated no cosmetic product could be tested on animals in the EU or sold here. However, this did not mean there was a ban on testing raw materials that went into the final products sold, and it definitely did not mean that companies were not allowed to test on animals outside of the EU, import them into the country and sell the product here. See the problem?

animal testing

A lot of cosmetics companies used this loophole to get away with so much animal cruelty, and it wasn’t actually until around 2013 that new laws were implemented across the EU which meant it was illegal to sell any cosmetics that had been tested on animals in any way. This meant it was no longer acceptable to test particular ingredients that made up the final product, and it also meant it was illegal to test on animals elsewhere, like China, before selling the product over here.

Prior to 2013, Lush could have easily followed suit by caving in and testing ingredients on animals to try better their products, but of course they didn’t. Instead they spent a whole load of time energy and effort campaigning for the loophole to be closed. I know this because I was working there at the time.

The thing is, cosmetic companies still DO test on animals, and in different countries they just can’t sell those particular products HERE. Of course, not every country has a ban on animal testing, in fact the majority are in favour of it. Currently, it is only Norway, Israel, India, South Korea, New Zealand, Turkey and countries across the EU that have some sort of animal testing ban in place (within the cosmetic industry). So, what is that, maybe 33 countries out of around 195? Meaning not even 20% of the world has turned cruelty free within the cosmetic industry. Shocking. What’s sad, is that even those that have banned animal testing, haven’t banned it completely like we have. In Norway for example, animals are still tested on for ingredients used in Botox, and in South Korea it is only the final product that cannot be tested on animals.

In China, I’m actually pretty sure it is a safety regulation over there TO test on animals, meaning if a company wants to sell products over there they each have to go through the animal testing process hence why there is no Lush set up in China. These companies adhere to local laws and regulations, and then try to make themselves look better by saying ‘well, we don’t want to…but to sell there we abide by the laws and procedures…’ but let’s be honest, they don’t HAVE to sell anywhere, they make that conscious decision to set up the business and make money from it. They could easily decide to not branch out into certain areas, sure it would be detrimental to their business, I understand that, but to make excuses for themselves by explaining how much they wish they didn’t have to go through the process, is frustrating because…they DON’T have to, at all.

animal testing 1

Lush as a company are explicitly clear on the fact they will never buy ingredients from, or sell products that have undergone any kind of animal cruelty. This includes being 100% vegetarian and 81% Vegan, and it is not just here in the EU that happens, but across each of their (over 800) stores and various factories that span across 51 countries. They are so careful with this process that they travel out to meet every single producer and seller of the ingredients they source, and it’s not just whether the particular raw ingredient sold to Lush is cruelty free. Lush also check out the organisations whole set up, background, ethics, and methods before approving them as suppliers.

The thing that is definitely special about Lush though, I think, is that they don’t just put the fact they don’t test on animals, and are completely cruelty free on the bottles, they shout about it, and that’s not to give them merit it’s to show OTHER cosmetic companies, globally just what they CAN do by avoiding the whole issue of animal testing.

Lush are also not there just to fight against animal testing in the cosmetics industry either, they are there to spread the message that animal testing is never ok. If they didn’t believe that, I don’t think they wouldn’t have fought against REACH (A chemical legislation that was passed in 2007 that gradually spread across the UK which basically said, any chemicals coming into the EU or that is manufactured in the EU, over 1 tonne has the possibility of being tested on animals to complete safety data) To the extent that they did – by dumping horse waste in front of parliament, and continuing to campaign against the regulation (even now) for as long as they regard the testing of animals in their methods acceptable. This is because despite laws mentioned, this more recent legislation can cause companies that were once cruelty free to HAVE to test ingredients on animals, sadly, more than 800,000 animals have already been used in tests to meet its requirements and although it is currently under evaluation here, this is a legislation that is deemed attractive in the US and various other countries.

animal testing 4

Click the link to learn more about REACH;

Unfortunately, Wendy Jarrett, chief executive of Understanding Animal Research believed Lush were disingenuous for carrying the cruelty free banner around, that it was appalling as it leads people to believe there ARE other products sold in the EU that are not cruelty-free. How on earth can she think that?! Was my immediate thought, Lush is standing up as an organisation against every other cosmetic company across the world testing on animals, countries that are not completely cruelty free, and especially the companies that are cruelty free HERE but still test on animals, and sell those products ELSEWHERE. As an organisation, they pay for research to be done, for new breakthroughs in animal research to be found, they campaign religiously all year round globally for the rights of animals, and urge people to raise awareness of their poor treatment. It is not just animal testing at Lush, it is so much more that that, and I think other companies think by going cruelty free in the EU it gets them off the hook but let’s be honest if it wasn’t the law, these companies would happily continue to use animals, because they do continue to do so in other countries. L’oreal, MAC, Clinique, Dove, Head and Shoulders, for example, big cosmetic companies that all test on animals and sell products tested on animals in other countries.

Click the link to watch Lush’ cartoon on the animal testing process;

The difference here, is, Lush do not animal test at all, under no circumstance, whatsoever – and I guess it’s just how important that is to you as a customer. A lot of people may be ok with buying from a company that don’t mistreat animals here in their immediate surroundings, but others may not be happy that they still do test on animals in other countries, it’s almost like they are lying to you don’t you feel? So, like I just mentioned, the treatment of animals is so much bigger and wider than simply testing products on them at Lush. They are not a company existing just to push back on it, but exist to help irradiate it completely and that’s obvious. So to me, buying from them and similar companies that have the same ethics shows that we agree it is massively important to cut out animal testing.

Of course, Lush do care about the safety of their products and the happiness of their customers, but instead of testing on animals, Lush test on humans, and they have done right from the start. This is because they realise although animals can be similar in physiologies to humans, testing on animals, a product designed for human skin is irrelevant, ineffective and not simply good enough. So to test on human’s safely, they basically use a lot of ingredients that have been passed down for centuries, so they have a feeling that they will be ok on human skin already. Over time though there has been new testing discoveries and alternatives made by Lush and its affiliates. Take 2013 Lush prize winner ‘X-cellR8’ for example, they began moderating and developing Cell Culture tests, and the lab is currently working with Lush to develop even more advanced animal-free tests for cosmetics, (not necessarily for them, as they don’t need it, but for other companies, that use ingredients we are unsure of. Again a gesture that shows Lush are different and genuinely care for animal rights) some of which involve growing three-dimensional models of artificial human skin to see how a cosmetic would affect the human body. Amazing!

Click the link to understand how and why Lush test their products on humans;

The difficulty of finding alternatives to animal testing in cosmetics, is that any method has to be approved before it can be put in place. In 35 countries, (including the UK and many countries within the EU) alternative methods have to be passed by the OECD. (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Currently, Cell Cultures, Tissue Donation, Human Volunteers and Computer models, like In Vito Screening have all been approved. Meaning there are plenty of alternatives to Animal Testing out there now, leaving no excuses for cosmetic companies to continue subjecting animals to ill treatment, yet they still do. These alternatives are more cost effective, reliable, environmentally friendly, and morally just better.

Currently animals in labs can be put through Draize tests, (a method that tests for irritation and corrosion to the skin or eyes, sometimes these tests can include LD50, which basically measures the lethal dose of a toxin, or radiation and kills 50% of animals tested!) Acute toxicity tests, (which test the danger of products exposed to the mouth or skin, and can often result in animals losing their motor function and experiencing seizures.) Skin corrosivity tests, (again a test to check damage to the skin) Skin Sensitisation, (a test that determines if the product will induce an allergic reaction) and Dermal penetration, (a method that analyses chemicals in the bloodstream.)

Click the link to watch Lush demonstrate animal testing live;

All beneficial tests for sure, but definitely not acceptable for these innocent animals to be bred and forced into enduring them. Animals that are tortured, killed and definitely not valued in the way they should be. In fact some laboratory animals are not counted in statistics globally meaning they receive no protection under the Animal Welfare Act, which states “It is an offence to cause unnecessary suffering to any animal,” which testing on animals, when there are clear alternatives, definitely is. And these are not just your average Rats and Mice, lab animals used by the cosmetic industry include; Monkeys, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs etc. All beautiful creatures that deserve to live their lives outside of cages.

(Please note – in this post, it is clear I am particularly honing in on animal treatment in the cosmetic industry – but as pointed out to me during the process of writing this for you guys – in the UK at least, laboratory animals are actually amongst some of the most protected animals, in comparison to Pets, wildlife, and pets sold in shops who actually have far less regulation. This is because those that work with animals in research must adhere to the animal welfare act as mentioned above, the scientific procedures act, the conditions of their Personal and Project licences and the establishment licence. Although I do not condone animal testing – I thought I would add this in here  purely to explain that the above point I made about animals not making the statistics is not always true, especially not in research that includes testing on animals for medical purposes for example. Thank you to Sophia for this information!)

I feel like, the more you know about animal testing, as a customer of cosmetics, the more you may want to find the alternative options. I.e. organisations that are completely 100% cruelty free, and as there are so little of them out there, I believe and conclude that yes Lush is still valued for its ongoing integral campaign against the ill treatment of animals in the cosmetic industry. I am baffled as to why companies continue to subject animals to these inhumane testing conditions when in this day and age there is simply no need for it, and in response to one of the original questions asked – whether Lush advertising cruelty free products is misleading, I would say yes perhaps it is. As I was growing up and getting into Lush properly I admit I definitely thought that there were products that had been tested on animals and sold in the UK. The thing is, maybe that’s not such a bad way to think because it really has only been 3 or 4 years since it has been deemed unlawful. I always looked down on certain brands, and once I started researching this properly, realised I had the right to still do this, despite them not testing or importing ingredients and products that have been tested on animals into the EU – because as I mentioned earlier they definitely do still test on animals in different places!


There really is no cosmetic company out there that think ethically to the same level Lush do. They actively and directly campaign against any ill treatment of animals, it is at the centre of their business plan, and the core of their thinking. Since the early 90’s they have worked with organisations such as Peta and The Humane Society to combat animal testing. They have supported hundreds of animal charities, have lead marches, campaigns, and even demonstrated the horrific tests animals can often undergo in shop windows and at Lush events.

I hope this has given some of you reading a broader sense of the issues still occurring today in regards animal testing and treatment, I hope this answers the questions originally posted, and I hope it allows those of you to see how wonderful and how valuable Lush Cosmetics really is. In fact if there’s even one thing you have learnt by reading this, or one thing you will take away from it I am happy because even the slightest spread of knowledge and understanding of the topic can make a huge difference. It may encourage someone to choose cruelty free companies, or maybe donate money to the organisations that are actively working against it, it might even make you want to join in the conversation and speak up for those that have no voice! If this is true for you today, please make sure you first visit these links to learn more about what you can do, and;

1) choose cruelty free products from cruelty free companies!

2) Sign the petition to stop cosmetics sneaking through the back door through legislation such as REACH!

As always, thank you so much for reading today guys, apologies for it being slightly morbid but it’s definitely something that has not ended, that is not over and that cannot be ignored. From me to you,

Happy Lushing!



So, about that discontinued list…

Good Afternoon Lushies! Welcome back to my page, apologies for not posting in a very long time, I promise I have good reasons for it…Ok, so I just seem to be tired all the time, balancing work life, social, and every little thing in-between, and to be honest have been having a bit of a dip in inspiration for good blog posts that would be of much value to you guys, so have instead been resorting to shorter Instagram posts that can be found through this link;

However, over the past few weeks I’ve had an abundance of ideas, that until now I have not found the appropriate time to write, however as I find myself twiddling my thumbs today, I decided it may be a good time to get our heads around this 2017 discontinued list. Hopefully by the end of it you will understand which products are definitely leaving the shelves within the next few months, (without planned return) and which products you then should probably get stocked up on before they depart! So, shall we begin?

As a lot of you hard core Lushies will already know, as each new year at Lush Cosmetics unfolds, out comes a new discontinued list, a time I definitely hate, and look through social media posts with half closed eyes in fear of stumbling across a list that makes me have to say goodbye to any firm favourites of mine. For those that are unfamiliar, this is a list will be released by Lush, usually at the beginning of the year, and is a time where Lush fans have to say goodbye to a number of much loved products that are either no longer selling well, or have become too expensive for Lush to sustainably manufacture. This year, the list was revealed in the UK on the 30th March, and it took just minutes for news to spread that sent Lush fans into a frenzy of panic, as we learnt 7 products were confirmed to be axed.


lavender hill mob

First on the list, is Lavender Hill Mob Incense. This is a £10 Gorilla Perfume incense blend which was made with a purpose of bringing back some calm and quiet contemplation amidst and after the 2011/12 looting incidents across London and various other UK based cities. This was a time where angry mobs rioted in a destructive manor resulting in arson, and the death of 5 people.


The products name, and I suppose whole idea behind the product came from a real act of community when the residents of Lavender Hill, in Clapham joined hands in a show of solidarity to keep violence from their streets. So, ultimately it is a product inspired by that very moment that hopefully, will remind customers of Lush, just how important a sense, and the action of a community can be.

In terms of the scent, it has notes of Lavender and Sandalwood, which makes sense as the very minimal ingredient list simply states Sandalwood powder, Lavender Oil, Sandalwood Oil and the Incense itself. Making for a super calming, soothing, and uplifting aroma which will help to relieve stress and sooth the mind.

In terms of how it comes, and how to use, it is loose incense so you’ll need to purchase some kind of charcoal disk and suitable holder before attempting to try, you then simply light the charcoal, sprinkle in the incense, lay back relax and let the essential oils fill the room!

Personally, I don’t make use of incense as much as I would like to, so it isn’t a product I would immediately go for on a Lush trip or an online order, but from reviews on the Lush UK website, it is suggested that the price is definitely worth the products effect, that it is excellent for aiding restful sleep and lasts a long time. My only guess as to why it is being discontinued then, is that firstly Incense really isn’t a large area of Lush, in fact Lavender Hill Mob is the only one of it’s kind currently available, so it isn’t an area that customers would obviously think of regarding the store and for that reason probably misses the attention of shoppers. Secondly, as this incident did happen 6 years ago, perhaps the importance of the cause has been dampened, and again, is missed by customers as they no longer relate to the pain the product was created to help ease.

To my knowledge this is a product only available in the UK considering its background and is available in stores despite me never actually seeing a box! It is currently sold out online as are many of the products I’m about to mention, but if you feel it’s a product you would enjoy, or like me, feel like buying one simply in awe over the purpose and background of the product, definitely keep an eye out for any final restocks! Of course, there will be boxes available in stores until stock runs out.

Watch this video created by Gorilla Perfume for an insight into the product:


turkish delight

So, second on the list is a £9.95 (per 100g) Roulade Shower Smoothie which gets its name from looking just like a Roulade, or Swiss Roll with multiple layers to its design. Turkish Delight is a fairly new product, as are all roulades, that were released only in 2015. This particular one is supposed to smell of fresh roses, very floral with ingredients such as Rose Absolute, Neroli Oil, and Jasmine Absolute.

To those unfamiliar, a Roulade is to be used just like a bar of soap in the shower which will lather up to give a really nice moisturising clean and hydrated feel to the skin. However, unlike a bar of soap the Roulades are super soft to use and actually have quite a low soap to butters ratio meaning they are unlikely to dry out the skin too much.

The premise of the product is not so new despite the Roulade being released only a year or so ago, because originally this exact product was sold in more of a liquid/butter cream Shower Smoothie format which is still sold in the US today, but was discontinued in the UK to make way for the solid format we now see in stores. But what actually is a Shower Smoothie you ask? Well, it is ultimately a product that is not a soap, and not a shower gel but something that lays bang in the middle of the two.

Some definite positives of the roulade – is firstly, you seem to use way less product than you would if it was a liquid, as you lather up just enough to cover the skin rather than overloading the skin with product that can eventually be more damaging to the skins condition. Secondly the scent although not as strong in this format, does definitely last for hours after use and thirdly, as it is a solid, the bar is likely to last a lot longer than a tub of butter cream making it a more cost effective item to store in the bathroom. (As of today, nothing has been confirmed in the US as to what is staying or going, so we can only assume their liquid Shower Smoothies will remain as they are.)

But, despite these brilliant positives, unlike some on this list I’m not actually so surprised over this products departure as I don’t think I have ever seen or heard a truly positive review of a roulade. This particular one apparently does not smell at all like the confectionary Turkish Delight that it is supposed to, breaks quite easily creating a lot of wastage and doesn’t lather up all that successfully – stopping it from giving the nice moisturised and hydrated feel to the skin as Lush suggests it will. All in all leading me to perhaps agree, that after only two years, it is time Turkish Delight was taken (in this format at least) off the Lush shelves.

Of course, each person reacts differently to products though so don’t just take my word for it, or others, try it for yourself whilst you still can! The way you purchase a slice of this roulade is just like you would a bar of soap from Lush. It will be displayed in a large log of product, that you can take up to the counter where the staff will happily measure, cut and wrap a piece for you to take home.



Sadly third on the list is another Roulade. This one is called ‘Dreamwash’ is £6.95, (per 100g) and again has a light floral blend with Rose Absolute, and Chamomile Blue Oil, but also has a very fresh clean scent with the addition of Aloe Vera Gel, and Tea Tree. Now, this Shower Smoothie was formulated particularly with those of you with sensitive skin in mind, as it is very soothing and helps to calm the skin. However, once again the ratings are low, as it has the tendency to leave the skin feeling dry. One very practical counter productive criticism was also made within reviews – about how this is a product formulated for those with potentially sensitive, damaged, broken, skin yet is a solid – which from experience I can say takes quite a fair bit of rubbing/scrubbing to lather up effectively. Making it perhaps not so accommodating to those with sore skin as Lush originally hoped it would have been, despite the super effective ingredients.

I personally have only used one of the Christmas limited edition roulades, which was great at the start and for the first few uses, but after a while it started to really dry out, shrink, break, and became pretty solid like a soap bar which made it difficult to use and is something Lush were trying to purposefully avoid. Now, I have not tried Dreamwash before in this format so I cannot say for definite, but from the reviews I have read it seems to have presented similar issues with customers perhaps explaining how it landing a place on the X list this year.

But despite this particular product not working out so well, you have to commend Lush on trying something so innovative and creative!

Oh, and a quick tip for those that have never tried a roulade and are intrigued despite reviews, there are currently still 4 types of exclusive Roulades available from the Kitchen site to buy – one orange, another Blueberry, Coconut that is more exfoliating and scrubby and a kind of zesty scented pineapple one. Meaning, if you guys do want to try one out for yourselves, there’s still plenty of chances to do so. Again, this exact product is also still available in the US in its original buttercream format, which I believe would be way more effective.

Link to Roulades still available to buy:


yoga bomb

Now, the next product I am going to talk about and fourth on the discontinued list is a much loved product within the Lush community, at least I thought it was – of course, I am talking about the Yoga Bomb bath bomb. Surprisingly, I have only actually used this myself once but I thankfully have a couple in my bathroom waiting.

So, Yoga is £4.25 and it is probably, to me at least, one of Lush’ most intriguing bath bombs yet. In terms of aesthetic, scent, performance, the whole lot. Scent wise it’s pretty earthy, woody, deeply relaxing almost floral like and to me, is very similar to Guardians of the Forrest, a bath bomb I love that is sold only from Lush’ Oxford Street branch.

In terms of performance it is truly amazing, it’s a super slow fizzer which makes a change in comparison to most of Lush’ bath bomb range. On the outside this ballistic appears to be rather plain, just orange with a few speckles of glitter but once it starts unravelling in the water it’s a real show off – it literally dances, twirls, floats, and eventually leaves the bath shining psychedelic rainbow colours; purples, oranges, turquoise, everything about it just screams out ‘Quality!’ It’s a really relaxing product that creates a beautiful atmosphere, great for when you find a spare hour to really enjoy it and contemplate your surroundings and life in general.

Of all the products on the list, this is the one I am most shocked about us having to say goodbye to. It is such a great product, and so new, being on the shelves just over a year, but by the looks of things I definitely don’t think it will be the last we see of it, as there is currently an online campaign going around that I’ve seen to actually save it! So don’t you worry Yoga fans, I’m sure it will make a return in some way or another, but until then, stock up whilst you can folks, I definitely will be!

Click link to watch a time lapse of this bath bomb in action:


don't rain

So, the next and last three products to be discontinued are all shower gels. Probably my second favourite area of Lush after face care – so yes, I have used and am a fan of all three that I’m about to talk about unfortunately!

Starting with Don’t Rain on my Parade Shower Gel, this is £5.95 (per 100g) with a very peculiar and strong scent. The main ingredient that comes through in the product is Violet but unlike ‘Daddy-o’ the shampoo, or ‘Retread’ the conditioner that similarly make use of the ingredient, you get a much more earthy, natural, herbal scent compared to the sweet sugariness seen in other products by Lush. Maybe this is due to the Sandalwood and Vertivert Oil both very earthy ingredients that make for a fairly unique scent you are unlikely to find in an ordinary drug store. The other key ingredient used is actually Blueberries hence the overall deep blue colour you get from the gel. These are great for protecting the skin due to their high content of vitamins, they also help to regulate moisture and promote cell renewal – which sounds pretty good right?

To me, the issue is not with the gel itself, as it has a great thick consistency, which creates an awesome creamy lather and also means little is needed so the bottle seems to last forever. It is also super effective with retaining moisture and generally uplifting the mood making it a great winter time product. Instead, the main draw back I think is actually the gels scent. It’s just confusing. At first I really liked it, then when I used it, it gave me a headache and I remember not really being a fan, and thinking wow that was really disappointing, but then after a while I started liking it again until eventually, I used up the full 500g bottle. So, it’s a product I find myself really questioning whether I do or don’t like it, it’s not obvious and for that reason I definitely wouldn’t say it’s a favourite of mine.

But, as it says online, ‘It’s got to be tried once’ which of course is a reference to the wonderful song from the musical ‘Funny Girl’ it was named after, the reason I probably bought the gel in the first place! And I would agree, I didn’t fall in love with it but it definitely is one of the more unique and out there scents Lush have created, so if you are intrigued and haven’t tried it before, I’d definitely suggest you get to your local and have a sniff before it departs!

Click to listen to the song this Shower Gel was named after:



Next on the list is the Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair Shower Gel, possibly the longest abbreviation in Lush history; ‘WTMROOMH!’ This is a fruity and floral blended gel again, it is £5.95 for 100g, is full of Jasmine, Rose, Fig and Guava juice and is infused with Lavender which come together to create a really lovely uplifting, bright, light, seductive and vibrant mix. Unfortunately this is a shower gel people have seemed to dislike for quite some time now, probably because Jasmine, the main scent, isn’t massively loved by the Lushies I know.

However, I personally really love this shower gel, it works perfectly in the many Jasmine-led bath cocktails I have, and makes me feel calm, relaxed and refreshed which works wonders after stressful days caused by my anxiety. Again, this is a shower gel that has a nice and thick consistency, that gives vibrant red bubbles when washing the body and has the ability to really linger in the air and perfume the skin for hours, something I definitely appreciate in a shower gel.

It is also a shower gel that feels really cleansing due to the enzymes and vitamins found in the figs. The added guava in there also helps to remove dead skin cells and brightens the skin another thing I think we could all appreciate.

I’ve always been pretty confused as to what it is about this gel that people don’t like, I don’t see anything thing wrong with it. It’s super uplifting and much sweeter than other products manufactured by Lush that incorporate Jasmine such as Godiva the solid shampoo bar. I just love it, so I think it’s a shame personally and would definitely recommend you trying it out just once before automatically assuming you don’t like it based on the many negative reviews and then missing the chance of ever experiencing it!

Click to watch a very quick review of the product by Handmade Cosmetics Reviews:



Ok, so this product is technically the last one on my list unless you are one of those people that think the bath bomb ‘Think Pink’ is being discontinued. Think Pink is definitely not being discontinued, Lush have just given it a completely new design that will be replacing the original bath bomb! So, if it is leaving the stores don’t worry, because this will only be for a very short while before returning to the shelves with a little make over.

So, moving onto one product that will not be returning to stores once out of stock is the Beautiful Shower Gel. This is, for 100g, £4.95. Cheaper than the previous two, and I promise you, it is honestly what it says on the label, a truly beautiful gel. It’s one of the thickest regular line gels for sure, similar to Happy Hippy in that regard and lathers up wonderfully, creating a nice thick creamy foamy layer of bubbles to cleanse the skin.

It is fairly unique, as the main two ingredients used are peach juice and dried apricots which are only really found in this gel. (and sultana of soap) They both work to give off a lovely sweet sugary fresh fruity aroma that lingers in the air and on the skin. It’s perfect for brightening both the skin and your overall mood I find – as the peach gives a nice refreshing and gentle cleansing glow, and the added golden glimmer lustre, (that does not stain the skin or bath tub) makes the gel just that little bit more beautiful and is the only regular line shower gel with this kind of addition!

Beautiful is a Lush product I honestly do really like and due to its thickness, lasts me ages making it fantastic value for money – and for that reason I actually bought a 500g bottle to last me the term at University.

Overall, I believe the shower gel is really lovely, has a wonderfully gentle sunny scent that makes the skin feel soft and loved and I suggest, anyone out there that is yet to try the product – get to your local and pick up a bottle or two whilst you currently still can! This shower gel was the first bottle from Lush I bought for my best friend, and the first for my brothers girlfriend, both beautiful people inside and out. So it definitely holds a special place in my heart as it reminds me of them both and for this reason, of all the products being discontinued this is the one I will definitely miss the most.

…And there we have it guys, the full 2017 discontinued list. I hope this helps some of you figure out what you need to fill your baskets with on your next trip to Lush or next online haul. Please note – as Lush do of course have a handy little friend called the Kitchen now, (for anyone unfamiliar – please feel free to ask in the comments) any product seen on this list that is missed and largely requested is likely to be released as an exclusive for a limited amount of time and products that appear on the discontinued list can very much return to stores. However, this won’t be for some time, and is never guaranteed so the main focus now is stocking up on the products you think you’ll like, and preparing for the release of new products in stores that are going to be replacing them!

I was lucky enough to go to this years Lush Summit where lots of exclusive designs were previewed, and if any of those products are making there way into shops I promise you guys you will not be disappointed!

As always thank you for reading, I hope you have found this post useful, if you have let me know, and feel free to comment which products you will miss the most and why, but until next time…

Happy Lushing!

No Drought Dry Shampoo

Hey guys!

First things first, I’m really sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I have been crazy busy with work travel commitments, seeing Dylan up in Newcastle, and simply being too tired to write! Just a quick reminder – for any of you that ARE wanting more frequent updates and quick reviews my Instagram page is very active (@amberdoeslush) and is probably the best place to catch me for a chat as I am always logged into that account and check it throughout the day.

Now, I hope you have been having a lovely couple of weeks! I definitely have, on Thursday I was at the Lush Spa in Leeds having the Validation Facial which I absolutely love, and something I will no doubt be writing a post on in the near future if you guys would like that?! However, today, my post is going to be on Lush’ ‘No Drought’ dry shampoo!

This is for a number of reasons. Firstly because I feel people are fairly unaware of Lush’ dry shampoo, I know I definitely was until a couple of months ago. Secondly, because someone recently posted a question about this product on a Lush group I am a member of, but didn’t get many responses, which has encouraged me to finish writing this post that had already been in my drafts column. So, for anyone that would like to know more about Lush’ dry shampoo this one is for you!

Like I said, I only became aware of this product fairly recently myself, but when I did I had to get a bottle straight away…in just days I had the bottle in my room!

So..what’s the deal with dry shampoo?

Some of you may not have come across Dry Shampoo before. I know when I was younger I completely missed the hype of it whilst all my friends were bringing a can of Batiste to P.E lessons. batiste

However, dry shampoo has just gotten more and more popular over the years and (in the UK at least) are now accountable for around a fifth of all shampoo sales!

But…what ARE they?!

Well, the purpose of a dry shampoo is the exact same as a regular shampoo bottle, it serves to rid the hair of any undesired excess oils, and keeps the hair smelling fresh and looking healthy without the need for ANY water! Making it a much quicker and more accessible way to keep the hair looking and smelling fresh.

The most commonly found dry shampoo is in the form of a spray, often contained in an Aerosol. Lush however have created a corn-flour-oil-absorbing based Dry shampoo powder!


This means instead of having to wash your hair in the shower as you get home after a long day, or before work/school in the morning and waiting to see what disastrous state your hair is going to be in once dry (If it ever dried on time!) you can now simply sprinkle a layer of this powder into the roots of the hair and massage into the head for the same, equivalent (or even better) result! The fact Lush’ dry shampoo is in powder form also means that gone are the days of spraying the hair an unruly amount with some disgusting weltered floral scented spray! Which…AKA, can leave the hair feeling even more greasy than it did previously and caked in product, Yuck!

So, thoughts? Innovative product? Hm, I’m not too sure. See, some of you may be thinking at this point, wow this dry shampoo is a revolution! FINALLY! In reality though, dry shampoo has been commercially sold in stores for the past 60 years, and has been around for centuries before that! For example, our ancestors are likely to have had to use natural powders such as corn starch, to degrease their hair!

So, in a way it is a product that has been used forever! However, one that has massively developed, which makes sense considering so have we as humans! With products like this increasingly present – it does seem that the world is now evolving and understanding that women (and men) are needing a quick alternative to washing their hair to fit in with their busy lives.

But…are they good for us?

Well, this is a question that has been debated well on both sides of the argument. In my opinion dry shampoo is great…buuuuuuuut I wouldn’t ditch the usual hair washing routine for it completely!

The reason I believe they are good for us, can be explained very simply.

  1. The dry shampoo dries out the oils on the hair, not oil from the scalp. Meaning unlike shampoos (particularly with alcohol) they don’t dry out the scalp and cause dandruff or similar conditions.
  2. They are the perfect alternative for resolving panic moments in the morning when you wake up and see how greasy your hair is from not having time the night before to wash it! PHEW! Pass me that bottle!
  3. It allows the hair some rest bite from shampoo and conditioner so on the between days instead of drying out the hair with excessive use of shampooing in the shower, you can give the hair a fresh and healthy boost without damaging it. (Believe me, it will thank you for this!)
  4. Finally, from my experience they can often add volume to my hair, so when my hair looks limp and thin, a bottle of dry shampoo at hand can help lift and give the hair body.

Big tick

There is, however also some expert advice that suggests the negative elements of using Dry shampoo of course. For example;

  1. Using dry shampoo alone frequently can dull the hair and reduce it’s shine! Uh oh.
  2. And, by using dry shampoo alone, it is not allowing any exfoliation time for the hair which is what really cleans it. “The skin on your scalp is an extension of the skin on your face,” Dr. Fusco says. “If your face was oily and dirty, you wouldn’t just powder it. You’d wash it.” And that I can definitely understand!


However, to my knowledge I don’t actually know anyone that uses dry shampoo alone. I see it myself, more as a quick addition to my overall hair care routine which cuts corners, not the whole track!

And in Lush’ defence, they actually use Grapefruit and Lime Oils in their dry shampoo which actually enhances shine, rather than dull it! In fact…Lush seem to completely dodge both of these draw backs which we will explore further down in this post!




So, now that we are up to speed with what the product actually IS, lets take a moment to think about its consistency and how we use it! As I mentioned, rather than No Drought being a classic dry shampoo spray, it’s a powder, so yes, the application process can definitely be a messy one – and speaking to people that have used the product and from my own experience I can report that this seems to be the number one downfall of the product!

My advice would be just to apply it slowly and directly to the hair to avoid too little, or too much product being dispensed. This however, is really not helped by Lush’ choice of packaging – which is their classic bottle top cap that has no real powder friendly option and could instead do with having a perpetrated cap!

When I first used No Drought, I applied it to my hair the way I apply powder deodorant – squeezed the bottle so a puff of powder would land in my hand, then I would rub my palms together and from there would cover the hair. However, this in no way reduced the mess.

So now, the way I try to avoid the issue of pouring out way too much of the product and having to get out the dust pan and brush to sweep the excess powder up (nightmare!) is by parting the hair to whatever feels natural, and slowly shaking the bottle so that the product lands at the roots of the hair and onto the scalp. I must warn you however, to do this effectively you do have to have a steady head so that it doesn’t all completely fall off onto your clothes and end up on the floor! My other top tip would be to pick up (if you have one laying about the house) a little tea strainer and sprinkle on the powder that way! Better still, find, or like me order a ‘tea strainer & bowl.’ (Available on Amazon for around £2.50)


This will help out as any product that is lost during the transfer can be collected in the bowl underneath, and put back into the bottle, reducing any wasted powder!

Once it IS on, whatever way works for you, gently massage the powder into your scalp. At first, the powder will make your hair look grey, like any dry shampoo, but do not worry, unlike sprays, this powder does not settle in the hair and no marks should be left behind – if the product does not disappear once massaged in however, Lush advise their customers to use a comb or brush to go through the hair to remove any excess.

Then you are done! And despite that long winded application explanation, the actual process of this action really is over in under a minute, making it a fabulous alternative for those with limited time to get ready during the day, or for those like me, that often notice grease building up throughout the day and need a quick solution!

Now, for the all important and probably most relevant section to many of you reading…the effectiveness.


‘No Drought,’ is the only dry shampoo available in Lush stores, and is sold at £4.25 for 50g or £7.25 for 115g which is what I got, as it was the only one out on display in my local Lush. The bottle is huge, and the power fills it out well, which I think justifies the price. I was expecting it to be way more actually and considering I have used it many times since the start of January and it still looks completely untouched. I think it is definitely fair to say the product will last me a long time and is very cost effective compared to the £4.99 spray cans sold in drug stores that on average will last you a couple of months!

Now onto how the product actually performs..

I’m going to just come out and say it – it is amazing, truly. I can’t fault it. It does everything it is supposed to;

  1. keeps hair smelling fresh as though it has just been washed

I have always found the scent of ordinary dry shampoo horrid. To me, they just ALWAYS smell like dead flowers, which has put me off using them for many years. However, No Drought seriously smells so good. If you guys have ever used Happy Hippy (my favourite) shower gel by Lush – this is what you can expect from this dry shampoo, as the scent is identical. The grapefruit oil definitely over rules the product, and hits you straight away as you open the cap, whilst the lime oil adds a nice tingly citrus boost.

The amazing thing about the product is how long this scent then actually lasts on the hair, as well as how it instantly takes away the undesired smell of greasy, dirty hair. In fact, to demonstrate this – when I first used No Drought, I asked my mum to tell me what my hair smelt like without her knowing I had really greasy hair that had been covered by the product – she took a big whiff and said I smelt fruity and like I had just washed it! I rest my case!

   2. Adds volume to the hair and makes it look fuller, and feel thicker

I was really surprised by this element and was not expecting it at all. My hair feels so much thicker and bigger when I use No Drought! So much so that, I now actually use it when my hair is not so greasy but feels lifeless. It just boosts the whole look of the hair. I love this about the product!

    3. most importantly, it really does reduce the look and feel of greasy hair!

No Drought is so effective in reducing oily, greasy hair, even on the worst of days. I have had countless disastrous mornings looking into the mirror, questioning myself as to why I didn’t think to wash it the night before. Before now, I have never really had any resolution to this issue though, other than to wash my hair and go to work like a wet dog or find a very old (I mean over 4 years at least) can of dry shampoo that smells of urine now. So like I said…no real resolution at all! However, I now have this amazing powder on hand like a best friend there whenever you are in need, and I could not be happier!

Key Ingredients

like I have mentioned in previous posts, the ingredients section of these reviews are my favourite to speak about because they allow readers to see just how good the product is, and why it is so beneficial for you. This product is no different, despite its very short list of ingredients. In fact it is a list that has surprised me, as I was doing my research before writing them up, it made me realise that actually Lush have managed to pretty much dodge any criticism of dry shampoo based on the ingredients they have used. Here, let me explain…

  • Corn flour

so, first up, this dry shampoo uses Corn Flour as it’s main base. This is because it absorbs water and oils better than any other flour, making it very effective when used to dry out excess grease from the hair. This however, also means that it acts as a great thickening agent, and as a result helps to add volume to the hair.

  • Talc

Talc is the other key ingredient that makes up the base of this product. This is a soft and versatile mineral, which is used in many of Lush’ products. In fact, Talc is one of the most used ingredients across the whole cosmetic industry – who knew? The main benefit of this ingredient is it absorbs any excess water which creates an environment inhospitable to micro-organisms. I.e. it makes the product self preserving!

  • Grapefruit Oilgrapefruit

Grapefruit Oil is a dark horse. Not only does it have a really fresh fragrance, that has an uplifting effect on the mind – it is also thought to have antibacterial effects on the body and hair. This grapefruit oil is also made up of around 90% Limonene, which is thought to have antiseptic, and astringent effects on the hair as well as adding shine to the hair!

  • Lime oil


Lime Oil, alike grapefruit oil has an uplifting zesty scent, but also helps to cleanse the skin and hair. Lime in general is great for boosting the mood, and due to their enzymic qualities are perfect for cleansing. They also contain ‘Alpha-Hydroxy acids,’ which (with research – I found) help break down dead skin cells – and adds shine to the hair. This shine is then enhanced by the Lime Oils acidity as this causes the hair cuticles to lay flat enabling it to reflect the light much better than usual.

  • Magnesium Carbonate

Magnesium Carbonate is the final key ingredient used in No Drought by Lush. This is an anti-caking agent as well as a perfume carrier. Meaning it helps to reduce that classic grey hair look and heavy hair feeling of a dry shampoo! The fact it is also able to carry perfume enhances the products overall scent – which is helped out by the added ingredients; Geraniol, (which has a sweet rose-like odor with a touch of citrus) Limonene, (which has a sweet lemon-like odor) and Linalool. (Used for its floral fragrance.)

Overall opinion of the product: In short, I believe this product is very beneficial for those that either have no time to constantly  keep up with a shampoo/conditioning routine for the hair, as well as for anyone that suffers with excess grease/oils. The bottle will last a long long time making it very cost effective, has a gorgeous scent that stays on the hair for hours, an most importantly – reduces oils instantly and leaves no sticky feeling or grey marks on the scalp!

TOP TIP: This dry shampoo is amazing at absorbing excess oils from the hair, however, if too much is applied regularly, instead of the product working the way it should – e.g. adding volume, bounce, and colour to the overall aesthetic of the hair, it may instead really dry the hair out. So if you can, try control the amount you are using at a time to keep your hair looking healthy!

That is all I have for today folks! I hope this has been interesting for you guys. I know it has been a long time since I have wrote anything, again, apologies and thank you for being patient.

If you guys have any area of Lush that you would like me to explore and feedback let me know in the comments. I have a few ideas for my next posts i.e. maybe a ‘Which facemask for your skin type,’ post and my experience at the Lush Spa, but if there is any specific product you would like me to review do get in touch with me!

As always, thank you for reading this blog post, and…

Happy Lushing!




The Greeench Powder Deodorant

Hey wonderful people! I hope you are well today. I have just got home from a family party after having a lovely successful but busy week, and now starting to settle in for the night. Did you enjoy my last post? It was on the colour supplement ‘Light Yellow.’ This is part of Lush’ Emotional Brilliance makeup range, an area of Lush that I feel is often neglected. Today I’m looking into a similar case – which is their deodorant range! Specifically, I will be talking about ‘The Greeench,’ one of the two powdered deodorants available in stores. So please do stick around if this is something that interests you!

Now, I do get pretty personal in these blog posts, you may have noticed – but I feel you can’t really sell a product without believing in it, so I try to put across what each product has done for me, in hope that it will reach someone that finds it useful. This is because to me, Lush is so much more than a shop, it is an organisation actively helping individuals find the confidence to feel great about themselves. Something I think should be massively celebrated and supported. I get so completely wrapped up in products, because I know that even if it doesn’t work for me, it will be working for somebody else and they will, fingers crossed, feel just the slightest bit happier with themselves.

Deodorant is a biggie though right? I’m allowed to feel passionate about it without sounding weird yes…? I mean, it can stop you from being that gross person on the tube that no matter how sweaty, will have zero shame in placing their armpit just centimetres away from your nose. It can give you confidence, and can reduce worry about your body odour throughout the day. Not to mention almost everyone uses it!

Some people, I understand are completely unaffected by sweat and body odour, they are Lucky in that regard, and will find this post utterly useless. Apologies non-sweaty blessed humans, but this one is for my perspiring acquaintances! (And yes if I ever formed a band I think that would be a great name for us.)

I think, however, before getting into this post properly it is important to know, that despite the purpose of deodorant, and I suppose this post, sweating is completely natural. COMPLETELY. So, really it isn’t something to be embarrassed about or something that we should prevent completely, because most of the time it is actually beneficial to us. For example, sweating is the best and quickest way that the body gets to cool itself, if it weren’t for this process – we could quite easily overheat! Sweat can also purge the body of toxins that have the capability of clogging up pores, which as a result can create unwanted breakouts, not good! Sweat can also be a great way to protect yourself from colds and viruses. Ever heard of the phrase ‘sweat it out,’ this is literally a thing! See, the sweat we perspire, or, give out, actually contains a bunch of ‘Antimicrobial Peptides,’ (Big, scary words I know) which are found in the immune system and kill off certain bacteria’s, including many found in the common cold. Come to think of it…why are we even using deodorants?

Plastic cosmetics bottles on white background

I’m kidding, because of course, deodorant isn’t used to STOP sweat is it? Deodorant is used instead to prevent or reduce, the side effects of the sweat. For example the undesirable odour it can create, or the excessiveness of it that can show up through clothing and stain outfits.

The difficult, and unfair reality is, that sweat can occur for a number of reasons. It is definitely not as simple as ‘those overweight sweat more,’ claims, although this is true to a certain extent! Sweat, can be; genetic, physical, can increase during puberty, can depend on gender and change in location, heck it can even be triggered by strong emotions! So the amount a person experiences sweat is likely to be different as a result, and some side effects are often unpreventable. For example – despite the common misdirected loathe, sweat itself doesn’t necessarily smell at all, it is instead the process of the sweat combining with bacteria on the skin (completely natural) that creates the unpleasant body odour. This is particularly true of sweat from the Apocrine gland.

In our bodies, we have two main sweat glands; the ‘Eccrine,’ which perspires 99% water and  doesn’t smell, and the Apocrine gland, which is located in the creases of the body i.e. the armpits, hands, feet, groin area that have little access to oxygen. Some people unfortunately are more susceptible to the growth of these bad bacteria’s – making the scent of their sweat  incredibly pungent even when put in the same situation and environment with others that appear to be completely sweat free!

So guys, I get it! I know from personal experience, the effectiveness of deodorants are important.

Growing up I have always been a hot blooded person, when everyone is cold I am always burning, when people are in layers I often moan about wearing just one! This has just always been the case  – however, as you get older, sweat is a lot more noticeable than it was in childhood, especially when you are in a job where presenting in front of others is part of the description. It is a constant worry, am I sweating? Can people see? or worse, can they SMELL me?!

I used to hate P.E. because I would always take so long to cool down that even if I didn’t feel unfit, I would look like I was about to pass out, with a bright red face and sweat dripping!

The sweat I deal with most, even now, is due to nerves. I get sweaty having to get ready to go out – whether it be to meet a friend, or to a formal business meeting, so much that almost every time I leave the door I shout ‘I HATE PLANS!!’ This is normal though, because sweat is linked to adrenaline! So, despite it been a struggle, and believe me I understand that it is, I am here today to help and advise you on getting around situations like the ones mentioned that may also resonate with you.

My help this week comes in the form of a small 75g, £6.95 bottle called ‘The Greeench.’


It is a powder deodorant formally, and in my opinion a true life-saver. Now I get that deodorant is deodorant and most people would not think twice about ingredients, or the feel of it when buying a can in a shop. However, maybe we should! Because, deodorants like ‘The Greeench,’ are completely different to ones available in general shops such as ‘Sure,’ or ‘Dove,’ and really do make you stop to investigate.

Originally, I bought the product for myself after reading this exact review I found on the Lush UK website that had been written by a very happy customer;

“After struggling with sweat, and even being prescribed deodorants to help, nothing works like The Greeench! I was a bit hesitant to begin with, but it keeps SO fresh and SO dry! Even working as a waitress in a hot and busy restaurant, I had no sweat marks, and no odour! The smell is unusual, but is easily hidden by some perfume or spray! Nothing bad to say! This product is a life changer! Thankyou Lush!!!”

I just had to try it, I mean can you blame me? It sounds perfect! I know that I myself have struggled with sweat, so be assured I am going to tell you the complete truth here when I  tell you that this review is pretty truthful, despite sounding far too good to be true…


Branded as the most gentlest (and most effective) deodorant by Lush, this powdered deodorant is by no means a product to be over-looked. I’m sure many of you reading are new to powder deodorant, and are perhaps feeling sceptical. But that’s totally ok, because before I used this product I felt the exact same. So let me begin my challenge of changing your mind.

See, firstly, because it is in a powder form, this deodorant is able to penetrate easily through (even the thickest of) hairs to coat the skins surface and absorb any excess liquids. This is an automatic advantage over solid deodorants and sprays that are only able to coat the hairs. Now, I’m not going to lie and tell you it keeps you completely dry and sweat free, because of course it doesn’t. No deodorant would, because that’s not the purpose of a deodorant. If you are wanting that, you’re going to have to look at a strong antiperspirant that pretty much plugs the sweat glands to stop sweat from perspiring. Which AKA is not good for your body. Sweat has a purpose, it has evolved. For example, back in the day sweat was used to regulate our temperature, to increase grip during a flight or fight response, and to waft sex hormones around to attract mates. However, since technology has also evolved, these functions are no longer appreciated as they used to be and instead, sweat is just seen as a nuisance.

Ok, so no, this deodorant does not keep you completely dry, what The Greeench does do however, is manage to reduce that irritating and uncomfortable damp feeling, and stops sweat from leaking through shirts. This is because, instead of completely stopping the body’s natural flow of sweat, Lush have created natural deodorants that gently limit bacteria growth, through adding ingredients that both are too acidic for bacteria’s to survive, and those that absorb the sweat. Meaning the bacteria and sweat never come in contact, reducing any body odour you previously had!

I’m going to just come out and say it – The Greeench, is seriously unlike any product I have ever tried. In the best kind of way.

Not only does it reduce the sweat we produce in a healthy and safe way that does not cause any harm to our own body, it manages to completely keep you free of any body odour because the smell of the product itself is so strong of fresh, clean, ingredients. Meaning your nasty smells have no chance of overcoming it! Now this one, I’m really not joking. No seriously. You can’t smell any sweat whatsoever. Whether it be sitting down doing nothing, or lifting heavy objects around during the day, even working out, there’s no smell! Nothing, nada. So if this is your issue then definitely 100% grab yourself a bottle.

Another bonus is that it is actually really simple to use despite the unconventional method and look. It may be odd to begin with and, you might loose some product whilst you are getting the hang of using it but my advice – would be instead of putting some in your hands to rub in, which seems the most obvious way, instead curl your hand into a fist and apply it to the top of your hand to then rub straight under your arms, which means no product should come off during the application!

Speaking of application, the final major bonus of the product is that this deodorant only really needs one or two applications a day. Making it great, in terms of both cost effectiveness, as a couple of shakes of the bottle will last you all day, (meaning the product should last you a long time!) and for your own time and comfort, knowing you are covered throughout the day when you don’t have the secrecy of re-applying.



  • Thyme Oil
  • Lycopodium Powder
  • Tea Tree Oil and Powder
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Talc

This is always one of my favourite sections to write because it’s where you get to learn just why your favourite products are so damn good for you. This product, is packed full with anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and fresh, aromatic ingredients making a perfect blend that will scare off any nasty sweat and body odours!

Many of these ingredients have been used for centuries, for example Thyme Oil. This is a natural deodorant, which makes sense because if you research it’s botanical name ‘Thymus,’ this is actually translated into ‘Fumigate.’ Thyme Oil is an antiseptic, a disinfectant and carries great anti-bacterial properties. Not to mention it has a very strong herby aroma which definitely comes out in this product. In fact, after reading this, go find your herbs (probably stashed in a random old cupboard you never look in) and look for a bottle of Thyme, take a wiff, because that is exactly how The Greeench smells!

Lycopodium Powder is the key ingredient to this deodorant. This is because it is truly amazing at absorbing liquids and repelling water as it is a hydrophobic ingredient. (Basically, scared of water!) This is obviously great in a deodorant because the less moisture there is the less chance bacteria has of growing, resulting in less sweat in general and almost no body odour whatsoever. Trivia fact for you guys – Lycopodium Powder is so absorbent that if you shake some over water, no water will get through it, and if you put your hand in it, it will form a layer between the liquid and your skin showing just how absorbent it really is. & if you don’t believe me on that one, click the link below and watch this 40 second video on how it works!

Tea Tree is yet another antiseptic ingredient used in this product, not once but twice! Yes that is right, there is both Tea Tree Oil and Powdered Tea Tree made use of in The Greeench and I am very grateful for it. Not only because of its amazing antibacterial properties that are used to keep the skin clean, but because it specifically works to combat bacteria’s and fungi named yeasts which cause body odours! It’s also pretty handy that the oil also smells warm, spicy and fresh and is able to gently perfume the skin.

Another ingredient that has been used in deodorants for years  is Sage. This is actually the most effective herb for dealing with bacteria on the skin. Firstly, because powdered sage is another great antiseptic. Secondly, because Sage is an astringent ingredient meaning it can shrink or constrict body tissues, meaning like lycopodium powder, it can be used to naturally adsorb sweat. Therefore limiting the growth of odour producing bacteria!

Rosemary is another ingredient. This comes from the mint family and contains oils and acids making it a great anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, balancing and aromatic ingredient!

Finally, Sodium Bicarbonate and Talc are both made use of in The Greeench. Sodium Bicarbonate is the key ingredient to all of Lush’ bath ballistics, but is also great in deodorant as it absorbs odours into its own structure. Talc, is also a product used very frequently across Lush’ products, and in fact cosmetics in general. This ingredient simply makes products smoother for the skin, perhaps adding to the label of most gentle deodorant that Lush give The Greench!


This section will be very  small because of course you can see what this product looks like from the, very few, but nevertheless, featured pictures. However I thought I would just explain…The bottle itself, is actually likely to be a recycled plastic bottle, that is very much recyclable again if you bring it back to Lush. (Or at least bring the bottle tops back, something I always forget to do but must start!) This is because Lush hate packaging, don’t we all? So they are trying to create a loop whereby any products that are packaged, (which tend to be fresh products like their facemasks, liquids, or powders) will come full circle, meaning eventually they wont have to produce any more plastic packaging!

This is a very old version of The Greeench that used to be sold in a salt pot like cylinder!

The powder, looks just like your average talc powder or dusting powder, it is a clean white colour and is quite thick…which is funny because the FEEL is very different. When you apply The Greeench it is light as a feather, I can barely feel it even touch my skin it is so gentle and soft. The only downside is that it isn’t a translucent powder, and once applied will be noticeably white. However, if you rub the product in a little more, this issue is likely to be reduced, likewise, if you just leave it for a few minutes it seems to blend in like any normal deodorant would – so during the summer you can have your arms out without having to worry about stains or visible powder on you!

TOP TIP: This deodorant can be used anywhere, underarms, on your feet, in old gym trainers but there is no mention of it being a great product for greasy hair! Reading the ingredients it’s obvious that there would be no reason not to use it as a dry shampoo. I have used it many times and it’s great, it works just as well as ‘No Drought,’ (Lush’ actual dry shampoo) but just doesn’t smell as nice and sweet as maybe you would like your hair to be, but take my word for it, you won’t regret trying it!

Aaaaaaaaaand…that’s all for today folks!

I hope you have found this one interesting, I always have the best time writing these posts and sharing with you my personal experiences. Let me know if you have tried this product, or are interested in trying it and I’ll speak to you more about it directly because as always, I could go on forever! However, if I were to leave you with my overall thought and my overall thought only it is simple, The Greeench Powder Deodorant is a life changer. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone, but particularly those that have tried a number of deodorants, antiperspirants, etc. that just don’t work, because yes it is completely different, and unconventional, but perhaps this is exactly what will fit the needs of you and your skin best!

I wish you all the best with this, and hope to see you in a further post wherever it may take us…thank you very much for engaging in this post, and as always,

Happy Lushing!







Light Yellow Colour Supplement


Hello you lovely lot! Nice to see you back, or a big warm welcome to any new readers today. This weeks post is exciting! Not only because it is my first post of 2017, *cough* a very happy new year to you all, but because it is focused on the colour supplement ‘Light Yellow.’

See, this is an interesting one for me to talk about and review, firstly because I have never really purchased makeup from Lush, with the exception of their mascara ‘Eyes Right.’

In fact, the only makeup I HAVE used from Lush were the products available for staff to use upstairs whilst I was on my work placement back in 2013.

Another reason this post is so exciting for me is because, I generally don’t wear makeup anymore. I haven’t for around 2/3 years now. This is a personal choice, quite a funny one really! It started properly around the end of year 10 (2013). I used to literally paint my face with; primer, foundation, face powder, glitter eyeshadow, thick black eyeliner and top the look off with thick mascara and crimped hair…Every. Single. Day. Looking back on it, it definitely was not as fabulous as I thought it was!

So what happened?

Well, over the summer of that year, I decided I had wanted a radical change, in both my behaviour and physical appearance, and decided turning up to school with no makeup and my hair up in a pony would do just this.

Since that turning point I have been completely different in terms of my attitude and mood, as well as my approach to life and people. I used to care way too much about what I looked like, what people would see, and thought that if I took my makeup off people would treat me differently. However, all it did was allow people to see the real me, the person they had all seen years before I had worn the makeup. I have spots, I have freckles, and I have a red and uneven skin tone, but worrying over that to what, impress others? Really wasn’t worth it. I realised, that wearing makeup really wasn’t a big deal, and when I realised I wasn’t even wearing it for me anymore, I had to stop.

See, I didn’t really care what I looked like, my brother once said ‘why bother with your face with a body like that,’ and that always stuck with me as I was growing up. It made me realise I used to take pictures of my face after caking on the makeup to feel better about myself, when I would get ‘likes’ or comments on social media, a bit of attention, but it was all fake. Behind each of those photos there would always have to be good lighting, a cropped body, a filter…it wasn’t real! I realised, I only enjoyed the praise for my makeup because it would take away the feeling of ugliness I had when I looked into a mirror.

However, I am completely different now. I accept myself a lot more. I am open with who I am, what I look like, what I do with my body and don’t have the time or effort to care about what anyone else could possibly think about it. Chances are they aren’t even thinking anything about me at all, and it was reaching that point of acceptance and understanding that changed me.

Now, I am not saying not to wear makeup. Not at all, that would make this blog post utterly pointless. If you enjoy wearing it and using it which i know a lot of my friends really do – then of course go ahead. I am simply explaining my own experience and letting you guys know that if you ever feel like you are putting it on because your own skin isn’t good enough, or because you think others will treat you differently, or if you think wearing it will hide or get rid of insecurities. It really doesn’t, it won’t, it never will, not really. Imperfections are realistic, and they are their own kind of beautiful!

I would never advocate makeup to hide impurities, or to impress any other person. I am instead writing this from an informative view point for those that are intrigued by Lush’ makeup range, for those that perhaps didn’t know Lush even produced makeup and for all those that enjoy discovering and trying out new makeup for fun and their own enjoyment. So, apologies for that big introduction, but if you are still with me – lets get started!

First of all, I think it is important to understand why i bought this product considering my views on makeup, but also why I selected ‘Light Yellow,’ as the shade for me.


I purchased this 20g, £9.25 product very recently on my latest trip to my local Lush store. Boxing day sales were still on, and for some reason…almost all of the makeup range was 50% off. I asked a staff member why this was and he explained that it was because of the dates. Basically, makeup at Lush has a certain date that they need to be sold by. This doesn’t mean at all that they are out of date. In fact mine is fresh to use until January of next year. It just means it goes past the companies own policies to be able to sell them to customers, and – if not sold by this time, is likely to go upstairs for staff to use instead of perfectly usable products being wasted.

It was the sales that initially brought me to look into the colour supplements. In all honesty I wouldn’t have thought to buy one if it wasn’t for this. I have always avoided the whole makeup section for a number of years now, partly due to the price, which I have always felt was far too expensive to engage people, when other shops sell makeup for a lot less, but also because the experience of buying the makeup just isn’t the same anymore.

See, the title of Lush’ makeup range is ‘Emotional Brilliance,’ and when it first picked up in stores, due to the lip sticks (their first makeup product) being displayed around a wheel, if the Lush staff saw someone taking an interest, they would come over and spin the wheel, and would explain to pick out the first three that stood out without thinking. Each colour then had an emotion or mood attached to it and they would explain what it meant. For example, I could pick out ‘Focus,’ ‘Drive,’ and ‘Affectionate,’ they would then ask if that’s how I felt, or how I would describe myself – and eventually why each colour represented such emotions. It would be so personal, revealing, and exciting.


This unfortunately doesn’t happen anymore, perhaps due to the ranges massive expansion since this time. Lush now have eye shadows, eye liners, foundations, powder, blusher, even an alternative highlighter! So I guess, if Lush were to focus purely on the wheel of lip products – it would neglect the effort that has gone into creating the whole collection. So, I of course understand their decision not to do this anymore.

A display of the current makeup range in one of Lush’ stores.

The real reason I actually bought the product was partly because I feel I give the makeup section an undeserved rough time, but also because I am on a mission to try out Lush products I have never used before, currently this is going well as since the new year, I have not purchased any product I have previously used before! I think this is great for me, and you guys that read, because I have picked out products that I feel don’t get much coverage on social media or in stores particularly. So I’m hoping that these reviews will help you discover the lesser known products of Lush or perhaps inspire you to branch out yourself into trying products you always steer away from for no real reason!

Now, in terms of the shade when purchasing – there really aren’t that many colour supplements available, not yet at least. However, considering makeup is one of the newest areas Lush are experimenting with, unlike bath bombs and soaps that they have mastered, I’d say this is an acceptable flaw. Currently the options are – Light and Dark Yellow, Light and Dark Pink, and Light and Dark Brown. Some people have opposed these titles, suggesting they are offensive, and I can see their point, but I personally think the titles are just simply describing the colour of the product as supposed to making stereotypical comments about the tone of ones skin. I also find the simplicity of the names quite refreshing from the often ambiguous titles of makeup products such as ‘One Heck of a Blot,’ by Soap and Glory, or ‘Fit Me’ by Maybelline.

light-yelowWhen choosing the colour for you, it is also important to realise, the descriptions of Lush products are always informative, this is particularly true of the makeup section. This is because Lush as a company cares about its customers, and feel if their products can change how a person feels, then it is important to get it right for that individual. As makeup is visible to yourself and others, it is obviously important to perfect, and in order to do this, their descriptions advise which skin tones their products would best suite.

In the description of Light Yellow for example, the colour supplement I opted for – it invites those with warm, medium skin tones that tan easily to wear. This, I felt described my skin tone better than ‘deep olive,’ or ‘Fair,’ which some of the other colours are aimed for. Another way to get the best match for you, is to test the product out in store. I tested both on the back of the hand and as Lush recommended, the Jaw line, and it seemed to be the perfect match with the rest of my body compared to the other colours that were either far too dark for me, or obviously too light.

Realistically, the shade may not be absolutely perfect for you, especially if you are used to getting a precise match. However, considering there are only 6 colour supplements available, I do think Lush do a pretty good job at accommodating for different skin tones. I was lucky in this regard because Light Yellow, really does suit my skin, and blends so easily. There are no lines I have to cover up or smooth out, it’s simple, and because of this, I wish you all the luck in finding one that works for you to reduce the stress of applying makeup that is completely the wrong colour, and then wasting time in the morning trying to blend it in or cover it up with other products!

Now, as makeup is completely different to the kind of products I often speak about – the information I am giving you is going to be slightly different. For example the feel or the purpose of the product. It isn’t to soften skin like a Floating Island Bath Oil, or to send you to sleep like a Twilight Bath Bomb, but is actually used to cover blemishes and dark circles.


Despite that short intro, some of you may still be wondering what an earth a ‘Colour Supplement,’ even is. I guess it’s not completely obvious, but a colour supplement is very simply something that enhances or adds colour. Therefore it works very much like a foundation but instead of being a full coverage product, it specifically works to tone down the redness of skin which includes blemishes, as well as reducing dark circles that often show under the eyes, OR in other areas of the face usually resulting from tiredness especially on mature skin.

This aim is achieved due to yellow tones naturally being able to neutralise red or dark colouration meaning it could potentially be a great product for people with inflamed, irritated, or uneven toned skin, as well as those that are particularly tired and are showing it!

I was speaking to a Lush Customer Assistant about this product before I bought it and they explained rather than a thick full coverage foundation, this is a product that works a lot like BB Cream. bb

Meaning alike, it can be used directly on the face which would definitely create a better coverage, or like I did, blend in with your daily moisturiser to smooth over your face which then creates a tinted moisturiser.

It’s completely up to the individual, my advice would be to try both ways are figure out what works best for you!

One thing that is the same about this post is this section on how incredibly unique and innovative the ingredients are that Lush have used to make this product. I understand this section is often long, and many of you won’t care too much about the detail, so feel free to by-pass it. It is simply added because I personally love looking into the ingredients and learning how good they are for us!


  • Soya Oil
  • Talc
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Rice Bran Oil
  • Triethanolamine
  • Rose Petal Infusion
  • Glycerine
  • Cetearyl Alcohol
  • Propylparaben and Mthylparaben

This little product is made up of an interesting blend of ingredients that add to its texture, colour, performance and to top it off, are super beneficial for the skin!

Soya Oil for example – is softening, nourishing and used as an antioxidant. Talc, adds to the overall texture, it is actually one of the most commonly used ingredients in cosmetics and makes products smooth. Titanium Dioxide is actually an ingredient used to protect the skin from the sun. This is because it has strong UV absorption, it is a mineral V light blocker, which is less irritating than chemical UV blockers. It is particularly good with irritation, dry and mature skin. However – please do not read this and think it is a sun cream in any way – it is NOT! It just has this ingredient in, it will help of course, but do not use it alone in the sun because Lush definitely do not class this as a sun protecting product. Rice Bran Oil, is highly conditioning and full of vitamin E. Triethanolamine – is used as an emulsifier in this product. It helps to actually blend together water and oils and is a pale yellow liquid. Therefore adding to both the colour, freshness, and texture. Rose Petal Infusion shares the majority of the benefits we see with any rose ingredient. It is used in the makeup range particularly due to its soothing and cooling nature, it also gently tones the skin. Glycerine is actually just a clear liquid that softens the skin, hydrates the skin, and is used as a preservative to reduce the water in products. This is an important ingredient that carries ingredients like Aloe Vera Gel, and Fresh Fruit juices into the skin effectively, in makeup it is used particularly for its absorbent, moisturising, properties. Cetearyl Alcohol is an emulsifier. In creams and lotions, it supports the main emulsion system and gives a thickening effect/texture to the products body. Finally, both Propylparaben and Mthylparaben are made use of in this product, and very carefully. See these ingredients have been controversial in the past and even now. They are both preservatives, however ones that have been related to certain issues in the past – meaning there are restrictions on using them. EU regulations state that 0.4% of a formula can be composed of both. Lush use half of this amount to limit any disruptions to the skins natural layer. It is of course safe to use, in the amount they do otherwise Lush would not pack them into products. They guarantee the product is safe, the ingredients are used in over 100 products, and just helps to preserve products for a long time. (Around 14 months for the makeup!)

I understand makeup works differently for each person, it’s similar to perfume in that regard. One product is great for one person but awful for another. This is because we are all unique and individual with completely different skin textures, tones and sensitivities.


My own personal experience of this product was actually quite positive. I think this could largely be because I haven’t worn makeup in so long so the process of trying it on again seemed fun. However, genuinely, I see many positives from the product which I will list;

  • The smooth texture

The texture of this product seriously amazed me. It was so creamy but so smooth. It was light as a feather, yet thick how can this be??? It was definitely one of the best feeling makeup products I have used before, it was similar to BB Cream, but more luxurious. This was a definite high of the experience.

  • The easy application

I cannot stress this enough, the application process with this product was so simple. It was literally like applying a face moisturiser. I think this is due to the texture, the moisturising ingredients, but also the lightness of the coverage. It wasn’t like trying to rub in a thick foundation that was noticeably different to the rest of my body. It was just the right amount of pigment needed to even out redness, and reduce the visibility of breakouts and dark circles, but not so much that the makeup was noticeable, which I guess for me is the ideal situation.

  • The light coverage and colour match

This is important to me, so important that I have mentioned it about 5 times throughout this post. The lightness of this product astounded me. I heard reviews where people have said it is thick and heavy but I did not get that at all, in fact it was the complete opposite. I guess this shows how personal makeup is to the individual, and all I can tell you about is my own experience, but I seriously loved the look and feel of this colour supplement. It was so smooth, it genuinely looked like I had no makeup on because it just blended immediately with my skin tone, but with it, didn’t loose any of my own features such as my freckles.

Of course no product is perfect though and there were a few negatives;

  • The oily appearance

This is always something I battle with. My skin type is kind of a mixture of oily and dry, the classic T-zone problematic area, then dry around my chin area and sometimes cheeks. So finding products that work for my face can be difficult. This product however, did seem to make my skin look very oily, on my forehead in particular. This could have definitely been down to multiple things though on my behalf, including the fact I mixed it in with my moisturiser beforehand, or even because I had washed my face without drying it out completely before applying. So I am undecided on what caused this issue, it may not have been the actual product, despite its highly moisturising ingredients, it’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation I’m afraid!

So if this doesn’t happen to other Light Yellow users, I would completely understand, I just thought it would be important to mention perhaps for those battling with oily skin types because no one wants added moisture to an already oily surface!

  • The reaction my skin had

Again, this could be due to many things – but after using this makeup my skin did react a little, I did get some spots. However, I can’t fully blame the product because as we know, breakouts occur for an array of reasons. (Including the excessive amount of chocolate I may have eaten over the Christmas break!!) The only reason I am bringing this up, is because I know mixing products up and routines can often be the cause, but hang in there because it usually does die down – it is simply your skin reacting to something it hasn’t experienced before.



OVERALL THOUGHT: As a quick overall thought I would say this product was pretty effective. It completely reduced the red appearance that my skin often displays, yet still allowed my own look to shine through – for example, as I only put a tiny bit on and mixed it with my moisturiser, you could still see my freckles. In terms of the feel, it was very smooth, easy to put on and blend in and felt so light that my skin could breathe with it on. This is completely the opposite of what I have experienced in the past with makeup, i.e. thick foundation that clogs up the pores. I also think now that I have used it, perhaps it is worth the money, that I always shunned, because I know it would take ages to use up considering the smallest bit covered my whole face. I also think, despite people complaining over the difficulty and inconvenience of taking a glass pot with you to work, or in transit, it will give you more uses, as you can physically see when you are coming to the end of the product and get your fingers into the pot rather than squeezing liquid that is there but simply will not come out of a tube!



TOP TIP: My top tip this week, is to always make sure you wash your face before applying makeup and when removing it. Importantly, make sure you wash with warm water first and always end your routine with a splash of cold water over the face to close up pores. Otherwise dirt and makeup will get inside them which is likely to cause spots, or irritation. The way I often remove any kind of makeup now is by using ‘Ultrabland.’ultrablandThis is a face cleanser by Lush that is very waxy. You simply apply it to wherever is needed, leave for a few minutes, then wipe off with a warm cloth. It works wonders for me, there is absolutely no signs at all the next morning of makeup, not even waterproof mascara!

Ah, we made it! That’s all for this week! I feel like I could seriously talk about this product for so long, there is still so much to discover about it, however I have tried my best to put across my key feelings about it, and information Lush have provided. So, I hope you have enjoyed this, once again, very long post, and have learnt something new about Lush’ products. If there are ANY questions at all, around the colour supplements, please as always get in contact by commenting or through my contact page.

I hope to see you again in a future post! Thank you for your engagement through all 3826 words of this post and as always,

Happy Lushing!








Christmas 2016 Lush Haul!

Welcome readers, and a very merry Christmas to you all! I hope you are all well this Christmas and surrounded by loved ones, I have had an amazing lead up to Christmas and christmas day seeing family and good friends, celebrating the meaning of Christmas at church, spending time with my boyfriend, and enjoying time off work.

Today and yesterday has been a day to take in everything my parents, friends and wider family members have spoilt me with, and organising where on earth all this new gear is going in my already packed room!

As most people are aware, Lush is my passion and I think by the title and featured picture this really is well-known because after doing a count up last night, in this household we currently have 46 new Lush products. 1 for Adam, 2 for Mum, 9 for Dad and 35 for me! So I thought I would share some of this new collection, to first of all show you guys how much Lush is a part of my every day life and how diverse the products can be, and secondly, to discuss what I am excited about using, and to share any knowledge, top tips, or thoughts on any products I have used previously. So if this little haul interests you, please feel free to have a browse through!

If not, I wish you the very best of Christmas celebrations and hope to see you in a later post. There is one in my draft box waiting to be posted very soon. Keep you eyes peeled and as always, Happy Lushing!

1) The Art of Bathing ‘Lush Swag’

Now, this is in no order, but the first product I’m going to speak about is this T-shirt I received from my parents. It reads ‘The Art of Bathing – Good Times’ and also has on it the Lush logo and date of establishment. (1995) This shirt is one of few items of clothing that Lush have just recently launched and are available only on the Kitchen site – however, unlike bath time products, the clothing – or ‘Swag’ that Lush insist on calling it, are not so exclusive as they seem, if you go to the website and search for them you are likely to be successful in purchasing one, however, as it is a kitchen product – they are limited to UK customers only. There are 3 or maybe 4 of these shirts, one reading ‘Fresher than you,’ another ‘Throwin’ Shades,’ and are often available as a T-shirt (as pictured) Sweatshirt, and Tote Bag in Black or White. I loved opening this, and knew straight away what it was because it came in special Kitchen packet, which for anyone that doesn’t know, is often white with a ‘Lush Kitchen’ sticker and green ‘Exclusive’ sticker. I tried it on and felt like a Lush staff member straight away! In fact, this was the plan. Mum actually gave this with a ‘Confidence’ book and said it is to help me get my dream job, which of course, is to work for Lush!

TOP TIP: I have heard that the sizing is slightly smaller than average shop bought clothing sizes, so I would recommend getting a size bigger than usual. The options are Small, Medium, Large, but give no measurements for either. Mine is a large, and as I like baggy clothing, fits perfect, is comfortable and great quality.


 2) Lush Gift Card

The second product I’m going to be talking about is a Lush Gift Card. This was actually the first Lush present I received this year, as it was from my Auntie, and Godmother. I won’t mention the price on it, but it is very generous and I am highly excited to use this. My plan is to save it for those times i’m in need of some comfort and running low on my Lush stash (which may be some time haha!) Buying a gift card from Lush is easy – basically you can get one online, or in stores like any retail store. They come in a nice little black packet and can come in different designs, either a plain black one, or for example, photography of the Lush team in the Kitchen. They are valid for two years (which is amazing!!) from the date activated and allow you to choose your own Lush goodies!


3) Prince of Darkness Facemask

This next product ‘Prince of Darkness’ has a funny story behind it. My mum actually ordered it way before Christmas day off the Lush Kitchen website. This is an exclusive (often Oxford Street exclusive) product that I got first when I was in Oxford Street with my best friend Maddigan a few months back. When I saw it in the kitchen I was first shocked then majorly disappointed after going to work and coming home to see it had sold out. However, a few days later, I saw it in the fridge. Confused, I asked mum and she said she had bought it for me as a gift, forgetting facemasks on the whole need to be used fresh so gave it to me as an early Christmas present. Not realising it is in date till about the 10th January!!

Now as I have used this product before, I can speak about it and tell you guys it really is amazing and definitely the best facemask I’ve ever had from Lush. It’s a great shame that it is not part of the general collection online or in stores. It has amazing beneficial ingredients such as Sea Salt, and Charcoal, which really give a deep cleanse to remove impurities. It is also different to other facemasks as it doesn’t actually set, like your classics – Ayesha, and Cupcake for example. It also has a warming effect on the skin rather than freezing as a result of being in the fridge. So I am very excited to have a pot of this back in my fridge and would definitely recommend buying a pot if you ever see it available to purchase online!

TOP TIP: For those that don’t know, facemasks from Lush are made with fresh ingredients that need to be kept in the fridge. They come with a sticker that tells you when the product was made and when to use it by. This isn’t a crucial date to have the pot finished by, however if you leave it much longer after the suggested date you will be given the lovely surprise of opening the lid to see a mouldy facemask! Another tip – Lush have this initiative of cutting down on packaging, and one of the ways they aim to do this is through recycling. As a result, for every 5 black pots you bring back to Lush you receive a free fresh facemask of your choice – I haven’t bought a facemask for ages now because of this! So remember, keep all your pots!


4) Candy Cane Roulade, 5) Bubbly Shower Gel, 6) Christingle Body Conditioner

The next three I am speaking about were all bought for me by my Grandad when we were in Norwich last weekend. These are three products I have never actually used before but have been wanting to try since seeing pictures online and reviews. Candy Cane Roulade is something totally different to what Lush usually create, in texture, look, etc. Roulades in general are relatively new to Lush. They are known as the gentlest of soaps, great for sensitive skin, however can be used all over the body like a shower scrub. There were two Christmas options this year, Yog Nog, and this one. The reason I chose this product out of the two was because when checking them both out, Candy Cane Roulade felt thicker, softer, and more moisturising. It also smelt amazing like mint! (surprising I know!)


This ties into Christingle which is a minty haven, it is a bright blue body conditioner, that is meant to be used in the shower – you basically lather it up and rinse off. I have managed to use this one already and it is amazing! I love everything about it, it cools the body straight away and gives you the same feeling as having chewing gum on a cold windy day. Perfect for those hot flushes that we might not be feeling now in December but will be perfect for summer!


Bubbly shower gel is a Lush favourite this year, I keep seeing photos of it, and after resisting for so long I finally caved and got one. It smells like oranges, sweet ones, a scent I feel Lush really do lack in and hope with the invention of this, alongside the Satsuma bath bomb this year, are going to be increasing their stock of! I think this product is lovely, and thick meaning it is bound to lather well. Lush used to always have this problem where their shower gels were so watery I’d be put off buying them as they seemed a waste. However, they have improved on this so much over the years and now I love pretty much every shower gel they put out. The only downside to this product is that quite a few of my Lush friends think it smells like synthetic oranges, I haven’t noticed this, but maybe it is just because Lush rarely tackle orange scents so it’s as new to them as it is us, nevertheless, I’m excited to use this!



7) Sleepy Body Conditioner, 8) Rose Jam Shower Gel, 9) Ro’s Argan Skin Conditioner, 10) Respect Your Elders Soap

The next four I am going to be talking about were all in a gift box called ‘Garden Party’ that was given to me this year by my Uncle Dave, who quote “Just picked one up, there were so many.” Haha, it’s true, Lush go all out at Christmas, and seem to have more and more gift boxes each year, however, moan not, because by getting one of these bad boys, you are likely to be saving money rather than buying products individually, and saving time as they are all perfectly wrapped already.

So, in this gift set, there was Sleepy, which is a body conditioner that comes from the Twilight scent family. (i.e. Lavender for those that aren’t familiar.) This to my knowledge is a new product, and has gone down a storm this year, and I can see why. It smells amazing, like a soothing hug from one of those super cute heat up cuddle animals I used to get as a child. It is so light and airy, just speaking of it makes me calmer. And this is the whole point of the product, as it is meant to be used before bed to help you sleep. I haven’t used this yet, but I already know I’m going to love it, it is one of the products I really did want to try this year, and actually got my friend Emma it for her birthday earlier in the month.


Rose Jam is a Lush Christmas classic. Think Snow Fairy popularity…but more mature. It is a peculiar smell I think. At first I didn’t like it, when I tried it a few years ago, but now when it comes around I love it. The scent as you could guess by the title is very sweet and floral like a bed of roses and lathers up really nicely. It is a perfect example of a product that takes time to get to grips with, and really demonstrates just how much your nose changes over time.


Ro’s Argan Skin Conditioner, is not actually a Christmas product but an all year round conditioner for the skin. This is one I have wanted to try for a while but never got chance to buy one. I love Dream Cream, which is Lush’ biggest selling product, and other liquid body conditioner. The smells of the two and consistency are completely different which is exciting, Ro’s Argan feels more gritty and thick, whereas Dream Cream is very liquid like. Ro’s Argan also smells very fruity and refreshing like a summers day, which is when I’ll probably use it most, it actually shares its scent with Rose Jam in my opinion, and really stays on the skin for hours. Just trying this product on my hand yesterday made such a difference.

STORY: When I was doing a trial shift at Lush Harrogate this year, the staff member I was shadowing, Dee, demonstrated a shower gel on my hand and said to look at the difference in my hands. One looked brighter, cleaner, shinier, and the other rough and dull. So now, before buying a product, or at least before using it properly I always do this to see the result. Yesterday when I tried Ro’s Argan it really made a difference, it definitely made my skin look brighter and more awake, and felt oily a bit like the aftermath of a shower scrub!


Respect Your Elders is a soap I have seen in Lush for many years. Trivia fact for you – Lush is known for their bath bombs, and bubble bars however it is the soap collection that is actually Lush’ biggest. I am definitely growing on the soaps and love receiving them as gifts, I am just always put off buying them as you have to decide and measure how much of the bar you want which I can never do on the spot in a busy store! This one is a lovely deep purple colour and smells of blackcurrants. It has been compared to the Comforter Bubble Bar, and the late but great Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly.


1) Yozu and Cocoa Shower Cream, 12) Santa Fun

The next two products i’m speaking about were given to me by Adam. This is Yozu and Cocoa Shower Cream – something quote “I haven’t seen in the bathroom for a while,” and Santa Fun.

Yozu and Cocoa is an interesting one for me. It’s one of those products that show how my scents have changed over time. When I first used this it was Halloween time probably around two years ago. and I didn’t like it at all. I used it once, and it got put back in my draw. Until a few months later when I had run out of Lord of Misrule and other shower creams/gels i loved. The second time i tried it, i had a totally different experience – i really liked the scent and the feel of the product. Now, in 2016, I love it! I haven’t actually bought one since my first bottle, however have received it lots of times through various gift sets. The scent captures the essence of a summer holiday; coconuts and chocolate! It lathers up so quickly and really makes your body feel smooth and soft like all shower creams should!


Santa Fun is a wonderful aesthetically pleasing product to the eye. There are three layers of Red, Black and Gold sections to resemble Santa’s classic get up, and smells of sweet Jasmine.

Fun is another interesting one for me, when I did work experience back in 2012 for Lush, Fun was first brought to stores in support of the people of Fukushima after the Tsunami in 2011. It was, and still is unlike anything Lush have created before and I was so excited to be selling it for the first time. In that regard, I feel a certain connection with the product, however, it took me a while to actually purchase a bar of Fun. It just never appealed to me to actually use, more to look at. However, it’s now 2016 and I have had many Fun bars. My favourite being ‘Monsters and Aliens,’ which often features in gift sets. These bars are multipurpose, they can be used on the hair as a shampoo, which really strips the hair clean, it can also be used in the shower to wash the body, or can be used as a bubble bar substitute. Oh and of course, it can also be used to make sculptures whilst you’re in the bath due to its playdo like consistency!

TOP TIP: Crumble a piece of the bar into a sieve and shake under the running tap, the bubbles that come from it are insane!



13) Frozen Bath Bomb, 14) Reindeer Rock Soap, 15) Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb, 16) Floating Island Bath Oil

Products 13-16 were all gifted to me from Leanne, who very kindly also bought me the most beautiful multi-coloured mosaic tiled plate to keep all my Lush soaps nice and fresh instead of leaving the sides of the bath/sink messy!

So the first one I opened was Frozen bath bomb, and is of course a tribute to the Disney film. When it first came out, Frozen was my favourite of the new products. This isn’t a Christmas range bath bomb, so you’ll be happy to know you can buy this beauty throughout the year. Aesthetics wise it tangles shades of blues, and melts icy colours into the bath water. It actually, smells of Roses, very floral, which for some reason always surprises me, I don’t know why but I always expect something else when I see it. I do generally think it’s a great bath bomb though so definitely try it out.


Reindeer Rock Soap is not a soap I have ever tried before, but I know it has undergone a massive re-vamp this year in terms of the way it looks and smells! It is now bright blue as supposed to the previously deep maroon colour, with a beautifully detailed gold reindeer in the middle of the bar white is supposed to resemble original rock paintings. I have wanted to buy this since I first saw it on the shelves this Christmas and after refraining, I am so happy I have finally got one! It smells delightful, to me it smelt fruity and refreshing, very similar in my opinion to the Refresher shower jelly, mixed with Happy Hippy shower gel, both of which are two favourites of mine in terms of scent families. However, looking at the ingredients I feel this was just because it had been in a bag with other Lush things. The scents can often get lost in translation! This soap should actually smell of Jasmine, and i’m sure it will when I use it properly.

reindeer-rock-soapNow, with Lord of Misrule, i’m having to refrain from writing so much, but where do I start!? I watched a video by Jen Wright (@AllThingsLush) and I don’t think I could put it any better than her, who explains Lord of Misrule is becoming the Snow Fairy of Lush. By this, she means it is becoming a Lush favourite, and classic, very quickly. Everyone loves it, me included. This unfortunately is a limited edition bath bomb, and also has a shower cream form of its scent and a solid perfume that often shows up on the Kitchen site. It usually comes out just for Halloween but for some reason this year (no complaints!!) stayed around for the Christmas stock as well. I currently have about three of these bath bombs stocked up, because I get so sad when they aren’t available to purchase anymore. I first bought a Lord of Misrule bomb and shower cream in Lincoln 2 years ago whilst browsing round universities, and it has been one of my favourite Lush scents ever since. It is so unique and unlike any other scent Lush have produced due to ingredients such as Black Pepper and Patchouli Oils, and its look and performance just tops off the whole bath bomb. It is light green with white, pink and yellow speckles in the shape almost crown like, hence the name of the product. Creating a mesmerizing green and pink whirlwind of a bath with the sound of popping candy as a nice little and fairly unique touch to a Lush bathing experience.


Floating Island Bath Oil is part of Lush’ very small bath oil range that is fairly new to the store surprisingly. I have a much more detailed previous post on the exclusive Bath Oil ‘Manouche Zaatar,’ if anyone is wanting to know more about the bath oil range, and how they work so go check that out if you are interested!

As the general store range is very small, I have been lucky enough to try all of the oils. Amazingly they are only £2 which is why whenever I do buy one, I tend to buy them all in one go. This one, however, is definitely my favourite as it is so subtle in comparison to ‘Razzle Dazzle’ and ‘You’ve Been Mangoed. ‘ (the main two bath oils in shops) Floating Island has a sweet but light vanilla scent and a hint of citrusy goodness due to the lemon and almond oil mix. Of course, oil and water do not mix, and because of this, the oil does not make any kind of fizzing explosion like the bath bombs, but does create its own small beauty in the form of oil droplets spreading across the bath water. All the oils make the skin feel cared for and soft again so I can’t wait to use this after the cold December weather.


17) Father Christmas Bath Bomb

This Father Christmas Bath Bomb, was given to me as a gift from my Auntie Alison and Uncle Derick, as well as featuring in a gift box I received which is mentioned later. This bath bomb was always my favourite Christmas bath bomb, it smells beautiful and is so simple in shape, resembling the classic white bearded, red hatted Santa Claus – and subtle in colour, but when in the bath it creates a bright green and red bathing experience. It has been compared to Snow Fairy, a Lush classic at Christmas time, I never thought this and I still don’t believe it does really – possibly because I used this bath bomb way before I used or had even heard about the Snow Fairy Shower Gel. I think it is a pretty unique smell, but I guess everyone is different!


18) Error 404, 19) The Experimenter

The next two products are both interesting in their own way, and were given to me as part of my secret Santa work gift thanks to Polly!

I actually have a full post waiting to send through on Error 404, so will keep this very short. This is a bath bomb that is exclusive however not to the Christmas range, it was actually released on Black Friday back in November, and was used as part of Lush and Access Now’s joint efforts of raising money for a digital fund Lush have set up. All the money from these £4.04 bath bombs are put into this fund and are distributed to digital rights activists, small grassroots organisations and other global campaigns to stop Internet shutdowns and as a result, enhance and remind people in power of our digital rights. If you are wanting to know more on this fear not, a massive, I mean, huge post is coming very soon on the whole thing! The bath bomb itself however is amazing. It smells beautiful like sweet vanilla, I wish Lush had bottled it up as a perfume! And in terms of performance and look, it is designed to look like the screen of a computer on an ‘Error 404’ page hence the name of the product, and the cables and wires behind the machine that is printed on the other side of the bath bomb. Once in the water it creates psychedelic  blues, browns, gold and white imagery and results in bright blue glittery bath water.


The experimenter always makes me laugh, it’s great don’t get me wrong but so many people complained about it when it was first released, and here’s why!

See, when the experimenter was first released, only in 2015 – there was so much excitement around it, it was cube in shape, and brightly coloured. This translated into the bath too, because when it was dropped into the water the brightest colours you have ever seen soared across the waters, blues, pinks, reds, greens, purples, oranges, it was and still is a rainbow feast. However, when you then went to swirl the water around to get in, you would be faced with the grimmest colour of mud brown it looked like you were diving into a swamp. So, now, after careful planning and a re-think Lush have changed the formula ever so slightly so that now, instead of it being a mud bath, it becomes a cloudy green colour with lots of glitter to sparkle the gloomy colour away. I love this bath bomb, and have been given it so many times, it’s becoming one of my classics. It smells very strong and very earthy despite its sweet look, that stays throughout the bathing experience and manages to really soften bath water up perfectly.


20) Christmas Kisses Bubble Bar, 21) Gingerbread House Bubble Bar, 22) Hot Toddy Shower Gel, 23) Randy Butter Body Butter, 25) Cinders Bath Bomb

Now, number 20 to 25 were all in an exclusive gift box called ‘It’s Christmas Deer.’ This was given to me by my mum who ordered it sneakily off the Kitchen website. When I first saw this gift box it was so hard for me not to buy it. It was in and out of my shopping basket so many times but eventually decided I couldn’t justify buying more Lush for myself at Christmas time. When I did open this Christmas day then, I was beyond excited!

(I am always so surprised when people order things from the Kitchen site because I always think people will ignore that section on the website, but as gifts are increasingly coming from the Kitchen I think I will start to accept that the people around me are starting to really understand how Lush operates!)

So in this gift box, there was a Christmas Kisses Bubble Bar, something I have never tried before, but is designed just like a Hershey’s Kiss for those that are familiar with the chocolate brand. It is a nice little red swirl of a bubble bar with a sweet stimulating cinnamon stick to finish the look of the product, and smells out of this world!


In fact, each product in this gift set smells out of this world, and the Gingerbread House Bubble bar was no exception to this. Now, this one I am sad about because it looks far to cute to crumble up. It is another bubble bar I have never tried before, but am so looking forward to using it because it smells so good I could just eat it! Packed with Ginger Oil, Powder, Cinnamon and Clove leaf oil it smells like the ultimate festive baking session.

TOP TIP: The sprinkles on the top of the bubble bar are real edible sprinkles used in baking – but don’t eat them, because the overall taste of bath products is usually not as delicious as it looks and smells!


 Hot Toddy Shower Gel has been a limited edition Christmas product for a few years now, it is one that for Lush followers, is raved about and I can see why. It has such a range of ingredients from Ginger Oil, Clove Leaf Infusion, and Cinnamon that create a particularly festive winter warmer aroma to Seaweed and Aloe Vera which help to make this shower gel super softening on the skin. It has the same scent and very similar ingredients to the Christmas Kisses Bubble bar suggesting a wonderfully winter bath cocktail is on the horizon! In terms of the look, this shower gel is a deep red colour with enough glitter for a life time. The scent is so strong, and has a really clever heated effect on the skin, I would definitely recommend it to those feeling down and under the weather this season!


Now, Randy Butter Buttercream is an impressive product. I knew I would love this straight away. There’s certain products I just know I would enjoy from the look or sound of a products ingredients and this is no exception. I tried this for the first time in the shower last night and was bawled over by the extremely strong scent of Brandy and the soft buttery texture of the body cream which literally melted into my hands making it so easy to spread over the skin unlike other body butters that can be difficult to use. There is masses of cocoa butter, and organic shea butter in this blend alongside a whole load of Brandy, Rum, and Cognac Oil which creates the most wonderful aroma. I must admit, I don’t drink at all, but I very much do enjoy the smells of peculiar alcohols and this body butter is a perfect example of this. Unfortunately this is a Kitchen product and is not available in stores, massive boo!


The final product in this gift set was Cinders Bath Bomb, a much loved and Lush Christmas classic! This was the first year since I have been a Lushie that Cinders has not been available in stores. I don’t know why this is considering how much loved it is as a product, however I am very glad that it was brought back in the medium of this gift set. This bath bomb is special, it’s small, very much like Butterball, and is so simple in design. A yellow body with red popping candy sprinkles in the centre that is supposed to resemble being near a roaring fire. It smells so festive as all these products do, this is because it is made up of almond oil, sweet orange, and cinnamon leaf infusion, and really captures the essence of Christmas. I hope Lush do continue to bring this out in whatever format in future years! For Lush fans, it is a classic and old-time favourite, if you guys ever get a chance to buy one – definitely do! It has often the gateway into a Lush habit for many.


26) Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb, 27) Stardust Bath Bomb, 28) Satsuma Bath Bomb, 29) Mistletoe Bath Bomb, 30) Reach for the Stars Bath Bomb, 31) Father Christmas Bath Bomb, 32) Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, 33) Butter Bear Bath Bomb, 34) Northern Lights Bath Bomb

 This seems like a long one…and it is! This is because all of these bath bombs were in a gift set called ‘Bathtime Favourites.’ This gift set has been in the Lush stores before but with slightly different products considering each year Lush tend to discontinue and add new bathing delights.

This year Bathtime Favourites included a much-loved ‘Luxury Lush Pud’ bath bomb, which has seen some major re-vamping in its time in terms of both its name and aesthetic. It is now brightly coloured as supposed to its original beige and plain colour. When in the water, it is very similar to the experimenter in terms of how it looks – with bright colours soaring the water. It smells a lot like the Twilight bath bomb, Lavender and Tonka led, however alike it’s look, has a strong mix of ingredients that are both floral and fruity making for a very bright and fresh scented bath, perfect for someone who dislikes the classic Christmassy, winter aromas of spice and herbs.


Alongside Luxury Lush Pud, this gift set had a very plain and very subdued Stardust bath bomb. This is the kind of product I would initially avoid, as it seems too ‘boring’ for me. I love products that are bright or have at least one clear colour, plain white or cream products usually put me off a purchase as I would prefer to have a product that gives me a performance to watch. However, I have seen posts of this bath bomb and I think it will surprise me! Because inside there seems to be colours ready to stream out making the bath water a rainbow which I would be excited over! We shall see!


Satsuma Bath Bomb is NEW! And boy do Lush fans go crazy for new products, because as soon as this was launched my feeds were completely covered in this very realistic fruity ballistic. This product is i think limited edition for christmas…but I’m not too sure! It is branded as an Oxford Street Exclusive however was available in gift sets, and on their own in all Lush stores and online…oops?!

As I mentioned in my description of Bubbly, I love the scent of oranges especially in bathing products and feel it is massively lacking so it is with hope that the popularity of this bath bomb will start off a new trend! I love how clever the design is – it has little prints in it making it look like the real deal even down to having a little sticker like addition that satsumas often have on their outer layer. The smell really is just wonderful however, this sadly does disappear in the bath – but i’m going to put this down to oranges being a new genre of scents for Lush to eventually master. It does make for a wonderfully bright glowing orange coloured bathing experience though, and I am definitely down for that considering orange is one of my most favourites of colours!


Now, moving onto Mistletoe. This has been the most surprising Christmas product to me. I really didn’t think i would like it when i first took a wiff in the shops so didn’t intend on buying one. However, after my time in Harrogate Lush, the staff kindly gave me one for free as a thank you, i used it in the same day it was given and it was truly one of the nicest bath bombs i have had…in a long time anyway! I remember raving about it afterwards so seeing this in the gift set was very exciting for me Christmas day! The bath bomb itself smells very strongly of Jasmine, something i never really used to like or be fond of in any way. I always thought it was a mature scent for my young skin, but now as my scents and preferences constantly change, i love it. So this was a real winner! It is highly uplifting and Jasmine Absolute is actually a natural aphrodisiac meaning it is highly relaxing and helps make you feel good on those down days! I would definitely recommend you grabbing one of these in *fingers crossed* next years Christmas collection, as it fizzes fast, leaves bath water a deep purple colour, and acts as a soft cosy blanket on the body.

mistletoeReach for the Stars has really stolen the show this Christmas. Last year it was so beautiful in detail and has like many products, undergone a big change in terms of aesthetic to be even more beautiful! Although it has definitely gone down in detail on the design, the bath bomb now contains 6 individually glitter dipped bath oil stars that melt alongside the bright blue outer shell of the bath bomb that fizzes leaving a very picture worthy deep blue glittery starry night bathing experience. Just beautiful! I can’t wait to try this bath bomb!

reach-for-the-starsNext in the set is the classic ‘Golden Wonder’ bath bomb. This has been sold for many years now and is *I think* the biggest bath bomb Lush actually have, definitely for Christmas anyway! It is very simple in design, resembling a gold and white ribbon wrapped present box. I remember last year I actually got this in the legendary boxing day sales, and was amazed. It’s so big I’m surprised they are used for one bath alone. I think this year I might even cut it in half to save like a bubble bar because it is so powerful and effective however, because there is so much product, it takes slightly longer than usual to fizz. The overall scent of this bath bomb is citrusy fresh and the performance is very colourful and bright.


Nearing the end of this gift set, there was a small little Butterbear bath bomb hiding. This is one of those products I just never purposefully buy. It is basically Butterball, a classic bath bomb by Lush but a festive version, however I think this is now in shops all year round – but that may be wrong! I dislike how plain it is, and dislike how simple it is. It is perfect for those that dislike the often overpowering smells and colours of Lush’ bath products and perhaps those with sensitive skin as the ingredients are very soothing and gentle, however for Lush junkies like me it is very much a product that gets overlooked. It is highly comforting, and soothing on the skin, considering the cocoa butter present and I will enjoy using it, I just can’t rave about it knowing how simple the blend is, sorry!


The final bath bomb in this gift set is Northern Lights. This has been an available product before but only exclusively for celebrations such as New Year’s Eve and Bonfire Night. This is because its performance in the bath resembles the explosions of a firework in the sky. Over its time it has had a makeover, it used to be identical to a bath bomb ‘Sparkler’ long and thin, but has been shaped differently this year. The smell is similar to Sex bomb, a 10-year-old bath bomb Lush classic as it is very Jasmine led in terms of ingredients and scent. It looks a treat in the bath and i can’t wait to use it for myself on New Years!


35) Validation Facial Lush Spa Treatment

This is the last present I got this Christmas from Lush, it is a voucher for the Lush Spa to have a facial treatment. I have had this twice now before and it has honestly been the best experience ever. There are 7 Lush Spa’s in the UK, the closest to me being Leeds – these spa’s are usually hidden underneath the stores and are just incredible. Each treatment is completely different and personal to each customer.

Now I don’t want to spoil the treatment, in case anyone is wanting to have it for themselves. What I will say though – is that this facial is unlike anything you will ever experience. Every single product is chosen by yourself with the help of the therapist. You are given the choice of each a; facemask, cleanser, moisturizer, toner tab, temple balm, lip scrub, eye cream and each is put onto your very own palate like an artist with his paints! It is a 60 minute treatment + 30 minute consultation where the therapists will make you feel comfortable, explain everything that is about to happen, and really allow you to have the best kind of experience. You are then taken into a dimly lit, warm, cosy room (or double room if you are taking a friend!) with a special soundtrack picked out specifically just for the treatment.

TOP TIP: If you are wanting a spa treatment, please do get in contact with the Lush team in stores or online because they will help you pick out the perfect one, I could not recommend a treatment enough, no matter how body conscious you are, the Lush team are amazing and treat every person so specially, I promise, you will NOT regret it!



And that is it! You have reached the end of the list. I hope you have enjoyed reading some of these short product descriptions, longer reviews will definitely be given over time and when I get chance to use these products fully, but for now Merry Christmas, join me again soon, and as always…

Happy Lushing!